Market on the Tracks, Bangkok

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A couple years ago I was travelling through Bangkok and spent a day with photographer Gavin Gough who took me to this incredible market, right on the tracks, outside of the city. It happens fast, but it was one of the darndest things I’ve ever seen. Those of you who know me also know it’s a wonder I didn’t get run over… You might have to watch this a couple times to catch how amazing this is. Happens many times a day and they just take it all in stride.

Time lapse is for more than just clouds. A quick job in iMovie and easy enough (though I added nothing to this one) to add ambient sound, voice over, or music to, these kinds of time-lapses are a great way to tell stories. Shoot them on JPG and most cameras could keep capturing frames for quite a while.


  1. Super time lapse David! Reminds me of when I lived and worked in Bangkok a few years ago. Space is at a premium for setting up shop so vendors, shoppers, and tourists take their life in their hands every moment they’re in that location. Glad you survived the experience and could tell the story with your wonderful images.

  2. The Risky Market! As it’s commonly called in English by tour operators. It’s an amazing thing – they do this every day, and they built their stalls to accommodate the train. Why, is the bigger question, did they have to build SO close?? Fun time-lapse, David.

  3. Wow! Even crazier than Panama & Ecuador, where I traveled to recently, there it’s the cars, no sidewalks, open gutters and cars do NOT stop for pedestrians!

    It does keep one on one’s toes when traveling, however…

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