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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” — Jawaharlal Nehru

A couple months ago an incredibly enthusiastic team of storytellers approached me about getting on board with a new platform they were creating, a place to nurture and tell stories, and when I found that they had even more energy than I have for the telling of passionate, beautiful stories from around this planet, I said yes. Today, Maptia re-launched and I’m inviting you to check it out. They’ve asked me to be an ambassador, which means I happily tell the world about it, but other than the privilege of doing that, there are no other incentives for being a part of this. Just being part of it, along with people like adventurer Alastair Humphreys and photography legend Steve McCurry, to tell our stories, and read the beautifully-told stories of others – people like you – is more than enough.

maptia-2.0-places-light-bgI already have two stories on Maptia, and plan to use this platform to tell more stories as I return from my travels. And you’re invited not only to read the stories but to tell your own. Read the full details on Medium here, and take a look at Maptia when you’ve got a moment, because you’ll need a moment or two – it’ll suck you in. Without wanting to exaggerate, Maptia gives me what I love best about National Geographic, but without all the science, which I’m less drawn to than the adventures and travels, in places and cultures. And pragmatically, this is a great way, not only to tell stories to your audience, but to grow your audience, and to connect to other storytellers. Join us!

At Maptia we are on a mission to create a shared record of our diverse lives and experiences from every single place on the planet. To gather stories that will foster empathy and understanding between cultures; stories that will empower us to care for our fragile environment and to support those people and places that need our help; and stories that will inspire us to get out there and make the most of our time on Earth.



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  2. What a fantastic website! I signed up after reading some of the stories. I love the easily readable format of the entire site and also really love how it tells you approximately how long each story will take to read. Thanks for passing this along in your blog.

  3. Cool!

    Here is a little quote that has always resounded in my heart.

    Muriel Rukeyser: “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

  4. Thanks for this, David. As terrific as Twitter and Instagram can be, it is nice to actually take the time to have someone tell you a story. I’ll be a regular visitor. And, BTW, the images of the bears in the grass as heart-opening.

  5. This is an impressive site. I like the layout and the large images. I signed up soon after taking a look. This is also a great way, I think, to force me to think about my photos more as a narrative than just single images from a single time and space from a single experience. Thanks for letting us know! (Oh, and cool story too.)

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