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20150109-Hokkaido-3When I came to Hokkaido for the first time for a wildlife tour in 2013, I fell in love with the place. It’s vast, wild, elegant, and her people live close to the land. I left with a longing to return, so when Martin Bailey asked me to come back and do this trip again, but with a landscape emphasis, I jumped on it and we started planning. 5 days ago a number of old friends, and a handful of new ones, met Martin and I in Tokyo, though Cynthia and I arrived a few days before that to spend some time with a couple close friends. We spend our days, short as they are (Sunrise around 8, sunset around 4) in driving snow, nearly gail-force winds, amazing land and seascapes, and the company of people who love being in wild places with cameras in hand. We spend the evenings in the onsens, Japanese natural hotsprings baths, and eating dinner and drinking sake (usually one after the other, though I’m open to the idea of taking the sake into the baths!). It’s a wonderful trip. You can see some of my work here, and a taste of the black and white images over on my Instagram page.

20150109-Hokkaido-60Fish-drying racks at the far North tip of Hokkaido20150109-Hokkaido-27 20150109-Hokkaido-38 20150109-Hokkaido-48


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      Why thank you, Compare. I use the same kind of camera as every photographer uses – it’s mostly black, has a lens on the front, and once in a while nails the exposure and focus without my help. The rest of the work is up to me. Sorry for the snarky reply, but seriously? Have you read anything I’ve written? I’m stripping out the URL from your website comparing cameras because I consider this spam, but on the off-chance you’re a real, live human being, I’m doing you the courtesy of not just deleting the whole thing. But anyone who should know better ought to be ashamed of themselves for so shamelessly reducing a photographer’s images to the camera they use. (Sorry, I do know this is snarky, but this sort of thing gives me the rage.)

  1. This environment is a dream for negative space and minimalist photography. Very inspiring photography.

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  3. Your images when they cross my screen add beauty to my day. Thank you for your generous sharing.

  4. Oh my…to have wild places…great company…and everyone loves photography? Heaven!! Thanks for showing me a part of the world that is so amazing…love the instagram captures…and the colors in the image (third one from the bottom) is breathtaking!
    Thanks always for sharing!

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  6. i do love that we’re in the same place and see totally different things. so happy to be travelling with you again, friend.

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