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We arrived in London a week ago and, jetlagged and a little confused about driving on the left and how exactly one determines the speed limit, we made our way to Scotland’s Isle of Skye. It’s beautiful here – almost magical. It has some of the remoteness and magic of both Iceland and Newfoundland’s Fogo Island. We’ve spent our time exploring back roads and taking walks and, for a couple pleasant hours while taking refuge from the rain, which has been abundant, we toured the Talisker Distillery. The evenings are spent with good food in front of a roaring fire at the Sligachan pub, later drinking whisky and downloading photographs. And just as I feel like I’ve found my vision for this place, and something that might be mistaken for a creative groove, we’re packing up. Tomorrow we head back to Glasgow to find a replacement for the iPhone that got shattered when I slid on some rocks and landed on my ass (I’m fine, the phone is shattered to bits), then to the ferry that’ll take us to Northern Ireland for the next leg of the adventure.

These images are just sketches at this point. This place is super colourful, even when those colours are muted and soft, but strangely, so much of the work coming out of this time here, photographically, seems to be finding its best expression in black and white photographs.

See you in Ireland!

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  1. This is definitely on the bucket list! I’ve seen some amazing photography of the area, your photos included and really would love to shoot there.

  2. These are all incredible; I’ve been enjoying following your trip on Instagram as well, and I look forward to seeing your images. I especially love the first and last in the series above – such exquisite greens.

  3. Say what you like about photographs being two dimensional but the image of the stream pouring over the rocks towards the viewer (first image) sure takes on a three dimensional quality. Great image.

  4. Beautiful images, David. I just became familiar with the Isle of Skye after reading an article by my friend Steve Meltzer in Shutterbug about Albert Watson who is photographing there and who I mention in my blog post today: Really enjoy your work and look forward to more!

  5. Enjoyed your sketches immensely! Found confirmation in your statement that some of the best expressions of this trip are those translated into B&W. I was just in Ireland last month and found the same thing. Those that looked okay in color came alive and sang soprano in B&W. Thank you!

  6. David, when you say “sketches” do you mean the images have yet to find their final processed form, or are they notes/ideas for future images you’ll make?

  7. Hi David,
    Liking your Skye shots a lot, looks like a place worthy of a trip for sure – I have heard about it before, but not been yet.

    Wondering what you’re shooting here in the North, there are plenty of locations to choose from of course. The weather’s good at present and looks to be holding, so you ought to see this place in some pretty good light. We’ve had some great sunsets recently.

    If you have any time out from your schedule I’d like to meet you – I never expected to hear you’d be in ‘Norn Iron’ at all!
    And better luck (than your iPhone had) on your continued journey.

  8. Beautiful images, as usual, David. Sorry about the phone, but better it than you! Will look forward to seeing more images. Have a safe trip forward…

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  10. David,

    Do so sympathise with both the weather situation and the phone. When I read that 1200 phones a week go down the pan (literally) in the UK we banned carrying them in back pockets among our kids.
    The light you found on Skye is very reminiscent of my home in the English Lake District, another very high rainfall area. What the old folks used to call ‘wetting rain’ – very light, almost mist, but incredibly persistent. Colours look drab and dull unless you find sun at just the right angle. Then, suddenly, it’s absolutely beautiful! Rain 300 days a year sent us to Italy, what more can I say.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  11. Every time I see work from that area it seems to speak to me in a very unique way. It’s a landscape I’m looking forward to exploring very soon. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your images. Have a good trip!

  12. Glad you liked Skye, it can be a magical place. Shame you couldn’t spend a couple of days in Edinburgh…we could have met up for a wee whisky or two and a chinwag about photography.

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