Vision Is Better, Episode 43

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I’ve just posted the latest episode of Vision Is Better (email subscribers can watch that episode on YouTube here).

I write a lot of books and do a lot of teaching, and there is no end of the books and tutorials and tips and tricks out there. And NONE of them will teach you to take this next step. Want to become a better photographer? At a certain point you need to abandon the shoulds and the ought-tos and the shortcuts and the manuals and go out there and fail. That is the only way any of us really learn. Want to “shoot like a pro?” Pay your dues. Get out there. There are things you can learn yourself that I can never teach. Pick up the camera and go make photographs. I’ll be here when you get back.

If you missed episode 42, Getting Started in Humanitarian (or any other) Photography, you can find it on YouTube here.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. However, some of us have the very serious problem of not having the oppertunity to get out there. I’m still trying to figure out how to take good photos when standing if front or a shitty subject.

  2. hi david

    i had just posted my once-a-month blog and clicked over to this episode, and found some echoes of sentiment (i was feeling some frustration in repeating my style of photographing wildflowers):

    “…sometimes, you get neither what you want nor what you need, but if you keep on trying you might get something worth having tried for, and it might whet your appetite to try a little more another time to come.”

    as usual, I enjoyed your post and attitude –

    marke blue
    blogging at:

  3. I think our current world of instant gratification may contribute to the “just give me the short cut” mentality. I was a music major (violin) and there were no short cuts, only hours of practice. I wonder if today’s photographers had learned during the film era if they might be less inclined toward the tips and tricks mindset. Film was a slower process that required much more thought and deliberation.

    I always find your message to be inspiring and grounding. Please keep the videos coming; I promise not to get addicted!

    1. Author

      You could be right, Pam. Film required that discipline, with Digital it seems only to be an option, but we can still choose it, and for those that want to walk the path towards mastery, it’s as exciting and challenging as it ever was. “Same as it ever was.” Thanks for the note.

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