Vision Is Better, Episodes 46-49

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Join me for Episode 49, wherein I discuss the Fuji Instax Printer and the value of giving prints back to subjects. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the episodes, so for those of you that never get around to watching the show on YouTube, here are some links:

Episode 49, The One About the Pocket Printer

Episode 48, The One About Receiving Critique

Episode 47, The One About Giving Critique

Episode 46, The One About The Walrus Flipper

I’m heading to Mexico to photograph Great Hammerhead Sharks and Giant Mantas next week, but if you tune in on Monday I’ve got Episode 50 all lined up about the post-processing on one of my black and white images from last week’s trip with the grizzlies. As always, thanks for being part of this. If you’ve got ideas for episodes, or questions, post them in the comments. See you in a couple weeks!

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  1. Once again David thanks for your continued words and images ….. Half way through the Visual Imagination … think already I’ll need to read it a few times to really let it settled … Could not have come at a better time (as I explain here –

    thanks again,


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