Left & Found, 1 and 2. Liguria, Italy.  Released June 2013.
Editions limited to 10 archival prints. Hand signed and numbered.

Left & Found is my way of sharing my work with my neighbors, and giving my work a life beyond my own walls and books.

The idea is simple: art is a gift. Artists, including myself, often pay lip-service to this notion but sometimes fail to follow through. Usually those reasons come down to money. Or pursuit of something bigger, like a gallery exhibit. Or the need to protect our work from harm. But I think there’s power in giving things away, and in letting go of the need to control where our work ends up.

So every month I’m printing a limited edition of small prints, signing and numbering them and leaving them around Vancouver. I’m hoping the work gets found, passed on, collected, used to create new work, used as bookmarks or pinned to walls. I’m hoping some remain pristine and treasured, and some get dog-eared and folded, but seen all the same. I hope they find their ways into the stories of others, introduce me to new people, and – if nothing else – give someone a moment of free, unexpected beauty.

If you’ve found one of the Left & Found series, I’d love to hear from you at: david {at} davidduchemin.com