Jul 4th


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Packed: Mongolia

I’m flying to Mongolia tonight. I have two carry-ons; a Kiboko bag and a Think Tank Retro 30. And I have one checked piece, my dented but beloved Rimowa Topaz. For the curious, here’s what I’m packing. And man am I happy to be going in the summer! Last time it was February and much colder than this Canuck likes. We’ll be there for Nadaam, but not in Ulaanbator, out in the country. And we’ll spend time in the Gobi desert. Can’t wait. And when I come home – 16 weeks without getting on a scheduled flight. Excited about that.

In the Kiboko, pictured above (1):

Nikon D3s x 2 (2)
Batteries x 4 (8)
SanDisk CF card 64GB x 4
Hasselblad 500CM, Zeiss 85/2.8 (3)
20 rolls of assorted 120 film (4)
Sekonic Light Meter (8)
Nikon 16-35/4.0 (5)
Nikon 85/1.8 (6)
Nikon 70-200/2.8  (7)
Remote trigger (8)
Lens cloths and Buffs (9)
Singh Ray Grad and Polarizing filters (10)
Moleskine Notebook, pen (11)
Iridium Sat Phone (12)

In the Retro 30:

11″ MacBook Air
500 GB Harddrive x 2
Chargers, cables, plug adaptors, CF reader
iPhone, headphones, Kindle
Passports x 2
Documents re. U.S. Border (connecting through LAX)
Emergency cash in Euro, Mongolian currency
All documents printed, and in duplicate on Dropbox

In the Rimowa:

Gitzo Systematic tripod, ballhead
Patagonia Rain jacket/pants
2 pants
4 shirts
4 T-shirts
4 Icebreaker underwear
4 Icebreaker socks
Icebreaker wool sweater
Toiletries, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen
Silk sleeping sac
Small medical kit
Spare prescription glasses
Bag of snacks
Small daypack
Swiss Army Knife
Flask for Mongolian Vodka
1 LED light bank, extra batteries

Jun 13th


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Backup Questions Answered

Dave Delnea downloading images in Iceland, 2010. There’s some great discussion going on in the comments of last Friday’s post, Backups Revisited. I think the topic of backups warrants some attention. We talk so much about lenses and tripods and, frankly, spend a lot of money on this art, that it’s insane not to spend […]

Jun 8th


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Backups Revisited

Over 3 years ago I posted a video podcast about my backup strategies. Things change in that kind of time. Those backup strategies were good, but they’ve changed. But the video is worth watching if for no other reason than to watch one of my cats clean arse in the background the whole time. Sorry […]

Mar 28th


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The Thing About (Travel) Tripods

Me. And my tripod. Iceland 2010. Photo by Dave Delnea. In the last few years I’ve done a complete 180 on how I think about tripods. I used to lug one around because I should, but never used it. I used to call my tripod unsavory names. Frankly, we were not on the best of […]

Oct 2nd


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A Year with Sigma

A year ago, on October 22, I posted about my transition to Nikon. It’s taken me that long to write something that gear-ish again. With my transition to Nikon began a relationship with Sigma that I’ve been waiting to elaborate on. Now, as I near the end of that year, seems a good time to […]