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Join Me In Seattle – CreativeLIVE – July 23-25

On July 23-25 I will be leading a CreativeLIVE workshop called Vision-Driven Photography. The concept is simple; we do a workshop and stream it live to the internet so you can join in and participate – and it’s free. If you’re not able to be there, or want the content to review later, you can buy a copy but the actual workshop is free, no catches. Very cool concept.  If you want more info and want to enroll – check it out HERE on the CreativeLive site.

But wait, there’s more! We want 6 of you to be there LIVE and IN PERSON! See how excited I am? I’m using ALL CAPS! Hit the video screenshot above and it’ll give you the details. But basically, it’s this: shoot a 60 second video and tell us who you are and why you want to be there in Seattle with us. You need to be able to be there for the full days, 23rd through 25th, but other than that there really aren’t any requirments. We just need 6 folks to hang out with, provide some energy and some interaction on behalf of the rest of the world who can’t be there in person. Cool? We make decisions on July 09th, so there’s no time to lose, get on it!

The workshop itself is a three-day exploration of what it means to discover our vision and create photographs that best express that intention, both in-camera and in post-production. It’s about visual language and using the tools in our visual toolbox. Seriously, can’t wait for this one.

Get on board folks, either with a video submission so we can have you there in person, or by enrolling and being there virtually.

Jun 9th


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