Ten galleries of images representing David's work, both personal and professional, over the last 8 years.


If you've tried the books about gear and long for something more, David's poured his heart into 20 books and ebooks for you.


Two carefully curated collections of 24 beautiful fine-art prints and folios for your walls or your personal collection.

Dec 11th


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When I launched SEVEN, my limited edition book, earlier this year, we offered a special edition that included an expanded digital edition. 200 pages long, SEVEN+ was a chance for people who purchased the uber-edition to look at the work on a bus, a plane, anywhere you weren’t going to take a 4lb book that cost over a hundred bucks. Now we’re releasing it to a wider audience for those who just don’t have a hundred bucks but would like to enjoy, and learn from, my best work over the last 7 years. We’re not going to hard-sell this, but we’re releasing it today and those of you that have been asking me for it can now get it.

SEVEN+ is $10, but on sale for $8 this week only. No need for a coupon code but this is the last time (Seriously. I really mean it this time, and don’t “Awww, but Dad…” me). From now on the discounts will be available exclusively through THE CONTACT SHEET – which you should get because it’s got a great monthly giveaway, exclusive discounts, as well as featured resources and inspiration. Sign up for THE CONTACT SHEET at the top of the new website where it says GET EXCLUSIVE DEALS, or follow this link.

Follow this link for more information, and to get your virtual hands on a copy of SEVEN+

NEW C&V Website

Four years ago I launched Craft & Vision. Then it took on this crazy life of its own and we’ve been playing catch-up ever since. Today we’re officially launching the new website and it’s going to make a huge difference in the way you experience Craft & Vision. It’s easier to look at, and easier to navigate. The site now creates bundles which will give you more chances to save on relevant products. We’ll have Gift Cards – finally! And we finally have user accounts so you can track your purchases, re-download them if necessary, and get better support from us. Like anything technology-related there might be a bump or two in the transition,and we’ll handle those as professionally, and humanly, as possible if they arise. I’d love it if you took the new site for a spin. Whole different place, same address –



One of the new features is a mostly-weekly, and completely free, podcast called About The Image – a chance for me to talk image design, with you, using photographs from our readers. Check out the first 3 episodes of About The Image on the new site. They’re already there and waiting for you. More as the days roll on. And if you’d like to submit an image, there’s information on the podcast about that too.



When we started all this we had a long sit-down where we asked ourselves what the voice of C&V is. Why do we do this? And then we stared at our belly buttons for a while before my team turned a video camera on me. The resulting manifesto might resonate with you. We hope it does. Or you can just pause it randomly and freeze my face into weird positions, like I do. You can find that video and downloadable wallpapers with both the manifesto and About The Image themes on the new site as well.

*When a website changes things around the way we have, strange forces are afoot. If you click the links above and get our old site, try clearing your cache, doing a forced refresh of the browser, or even waiting an hour and trying again. It’s dark arts, people, so try turning in circles, lighting candles and singing “What does the fox say?” a couple times. That also might help :-)

Nov 30th


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On Luck & Trenches

There’s a terrific recording of an excerpt from an interview with photographer Robert Capa (1913-1954) making the rounds right now. In it he describes the making of one of his most iconic photographs (above) and the role of luck in its creation. Capa says he raised the camera as the soldiers were climbing out of […]

Nov 27th


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C&V Black Friday

Once a year, while there’s truly unconscionable insanity going on in shopping malls across this continent, Craft & Vision holds a Black Friday sale. It’s one of two chances we take to offer killer deals on our products, and it only lasts 24 hours, and it’s happening this Friday, November 29. Every product in the […]

Nov 20th


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Studying Masters

In my Created Image video, one of the things I strongly advocate is studying the masters. I think finding those masters, the ones with whom you truly resonate, and finding them yourself, is part of the fun. I’m always hesitant to tell people to study this person or this person, because the list of photographers […]

Nov 16th


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November Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper from Hokkaido, Japan, last winter. Enjoy! I’ve just got back from a nice road trip – one that took me for the first time in almost two years over the US border. Let’s just say I’ve had some unnecessary issues stemming from a decision to live nomadically with no fixed address a couple […]