Last Postcard From Delhi

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9pm, New Delhi. The Lumen Dei team is madly packing right now. We’re on a 4am bus to the airport to get the early flight to Ladakh. We spent our today in Nizamuddin Darga, then to Old Delhi for lunch at El Jawahar near Jamma Masjid, and then a couple hours in the chaos of Old Delhi before returning to the hotel to download images, work on them, talk about them, and have a cold beer and great meal together. Tomorrow to the cool and altitude of Leh. There won’t be a hint of internet and if there is I won’t be on it, so we’ll see you in 12 days. Cheers!

PS – Having a great time, wish you were here, etc. 🙂


  1. David,

    Amazing photos from your trip to India. I am from India so it reminded me of home. I visited Delhi July 2008.

    On a side note can you share how you prepare your photos with the border and the stack frame that you have used?

    Thank you,

    all the best for ladakh trip…will be eagerly waiting to see ladakh is one of the best places in the world…it will going to be one of the best trip for you…I am from India only but i haven’t got any chance to visit ladkah yet 🙁
    but all the best to you 🙂

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