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littledroboJust over a week ago we announced that in a fit of lovin’ for my readers, the fine folks at Data Robotics were giving away one DROBO. I waxed poetic and enthusiastic about how much I love my Drobo (I have two – an original USB model, and a current FW800 model, both sitting on my desk), mentioned how vulnerable our data is and how much better I sleep at night knowing my stuff is backed up so well. I invited you to leave a simple confession – I WANT A DROBO. And then 1053 nutty freeloaders came out of the woodwork with the requisite confession as well as poems, limericks, haiku, flattery, and plain old bribes 🙂 I’ve had quite a few giveaways here and this was by far the craziest response. Well I’ve closed the comments, consulted the oracle at and I’m thrilled to announce the winner. Gale, from – drop me an email with your address and I’ll have your magic black-box of back-up goodness sent direct from DROBO. Congrats!

But wait! There’s more. Persistent bugger that I am, I asked the folks at Drobo if they’d give the rest of us a discount and they were more than happy to extend a $50 discount to all my readers. The discount code to use when checking out at is PIXELS. This will work for any Drobo or Drobo bundles (with drives) but not for the DroboPro.This coupon code is valid for 30 days and expires November 16th, 2009,

Congrats to Gale, HUGE thanks to Drobo, and also to you who played along and filled my comments box to bustin’. Have a great weekend.


  1. Mr. DuChemin your an amazing individual, you should be proud. Seriously it is so rare to find someone, especially in the photography world, that shares soo much as you. You have a good heart and it shows in more places than your images.

    Warmest regards and thank you…

  2. Congratulations Gale! I don’t think I have ever known a winner before. I know you will get great use out of this.

    You rock David.

  3. As said by many already, Congrats Gale! and thank you David and Drobo for the great give away!

  4. That is great Gale! Grats! Use it wisely. Thanks David for setting this up with Drobo.

  5. WOW! It pays to be a nutty freeloader! 🙂 Thank you so much, David, for taking such good care of your readers and offering such great giveaways. And thank you to Data Robotics for caving under David’s poetic waxing. I am totally and unequivocally geeked!

  6. Congrats Gale and thanks to Drobo for putting up the good stuff. Oh and for David for being such a moocher for us :).

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