It Feels Like This Outside

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I woke up to rain and grey this morning. It reminded me of a photograph, one that one of my readers asked me to make into a wallpaper but I’ve just not got around to it. But the weather’s got me hunkered down inside, with a cup of tea, and looking out the window at something much like this. So for anyone feeling the west-coast rainy-season blues – this one’s for you. I’ve supplied it in 2560×1600 so it ought to cover anything up to a 30″ display with all its sombre wet-itude.


  1. After such a hot and sunny past 6 months it’s a bit of a shock to the system to have the rainy grey days upon us. This shot sums it up perfectly. I love your composition and chosen depth of field.

  2. This is one kind of image I really like: stripped down to essential elements, leaving just enough so that the viewer can (has to?) actively engage with it intellectually and emotionally. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Great mood in this one David. This must be from at least 4+ years back, no? An oldie AND a goodie.

  5. Went out and looked north across the Juan de Fuca strait, and looks real wet up there. I know that NW feeling well.

  6. Fantastic image, David!

    In your book you wrote that this image is a composition of two images. One focused on the person and one on the rain-drops. How did you blend them together so seamlessly in Ps? The person must have moved during the shots, right?

  7. I must admit, I’m with Jeffrey…nothing but sun here. There is that glorious fall nip to the air though. Man, I love fall. 🙂

    Thanks for the fantastic wallpaper David. Your shots are some of my favorites…it’s a privilege to have them decorate my computer.


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