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Hey look, it’s an “E”! Speaking of E…

This week I launched the fourth in the my eBook series. Chasing The Look is now available. Still for $5. More information HERE.

Canon Blogger did an interview with me last week and it’s now live. The audio is a bit low, so you might need to crank it, but it was a conversation that took different directions than many of the interviews I’ve done. You can listen to it HERE. (If you have issues, download it directly from THIS LINK.)

Joe McNally, a man I admire for both his words and his images, posted an article on his blog on Monday (Nov. 09) that was particularily good. Read Letter To a Young Photographer HERE.

Freelance Switch has an article called The Part Time Photographer in this weeks archives. I admit to not having read it, it was a busy week, but it’s still open on my browser and if you want to beat me to it,  you can read that article HERE.

Think Tank Photo, of whom I am a huge fan, released a new bag this month. It’s the Urban Disguise 70 Pro and it’s much like the already-large Urban Disguise 60, which I have and love, but it fits a pro-sized SLR as well. As if it were’n’t already huge enough. I don’t use my UD60 for shooting, just as a carry on, but like all things Think Tank they hold tonnes of gear and are extremely thoughtfully made. More info on the Think Tank Photo site HERE.

The feedback from yesterday’s post was great, thank you. Looks like I hit a nerve. So to take us all into the weekend, a couple quotes that remind us of the weightier matters.

“We don’t take photographs with our cameras, we take them with our hearts and our minds. They are a reflection of ourselves, what we are, and what we think.” ~ Arnold Newman.

“It is not art in the professionalized sense about which I care, but that which is created sacredly. as a result of a deep inner experience, with all of oneself, and that becomes ‘art’ in time.” ~ Alfred Stieglitz


  1. David, I happend to find your blog this week and downloaded three of your e-books including your recent one, it is FANTASTIC! I have searched for something like this for months I can’t wait to start the next step of my photography journey with your help. Thank you and am looking forward to more! Regards! Heather

  2. Hi David, just wanted to let you know I have recently discovered your blog, downloaded one of you ebooks and am looking forward to being a regular follower.
    I think it’s important to let others know when they produce compelling inspirational works whether images or writings.
    Thanks David

  3. Listening to the interview now – I’ve enjoyed the WTF podcast and your PhotoFocus interview/show. Thanks for linking to the podcast and keep up the great work here.

  4. Hi David et al,

    Apologies for the technical difficulties with both the quality of the audio and the broken download link. The one I emailed to David had a typo in it and his blog post went live before I realized it. I have hopefully increased the audio volume sufficiently and posted an audio file with that path so you can download and listen.

    Again, sorry for the technical problems and confusion, but hopefully all is straightened out now. Thanks again to David for taking the time to sit down and talk with me last week – that was a lot of fun!

  5. “…a deep inner experience with all of oneself” sounds like a topic for a whole new series of blog posts, …care to tackle that, David?

    May I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the comments from yesterday’s post. The perspective in this community is AMAZING, …and funny! After reading the post + comments, it seems like we might all benefit from spending a bit of time refining our elevator pitch.

  6. I saw the post title in my reader and thought “good grief, if that man keeps giving stuff away he’s going to be broke soon!” It was better than I though. Especially the AN quote.

    Thanks David-

    -Adam (just a photographer)

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