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Yesterday a lot of people said a lot of very kind things and though I’ve never needed reminding how much I like y’all, well, yesterday just capped it. Your support and encouragement means a lot to me. So I’ve got a little something for you, just to say thank you. I’ve put together 16 of my favourite wallpaper-type images into one collection and I’m giving it away. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’m giving it away to you. Others that just stumble upon it in the store, well, they’ll pay a whopping $2 for it. But not you, you get it free. Because I love you.

At the bottom of this post there are links to put this into your cart and check out. So go ahead, put it into your cart, then use this coupon code: FREE1104 and you’ll be whisked through the free checkout line. Thanks again for being the one of the best communities on the internet – I’m honored you’ve thrown in your lot with me 🙂 (UPDATE – Turns out there is a limit of 100 of these downloads a day, so CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DIRECT FROM MY SERVER – please let me know if there are any further issues. Apologies for the oversight.)

This will come to you as a zipped folder. Unzip the folder and you’ll have a folder of 16 jpg images. Not sure how PC people do this, so if you’re good with this stuff, feel free to leave instructions in the comments. But Mac peeps should just be able to move all 16 images to their iPhoto library. Assuming you’ve got your photos to sync on the iphone, plug the iphone in and sync that sucker. Then choose the image you want and set it to desktop wallpaper. In theory this should all be pretty painless. If not, ask for help in the comments and I, or someone else, will try to help.


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  1. So awesome – now I have some awesome wallpaper for my iPhone 4 to go along with the awesome wallpaper on my computer. I brought my iMac to work and my co-worker was geeking out about the November wallpaper (she’s big into National Geographic and while she doesn’t take pictures, she loves them, especially of exotic places…). Thanks for sharing! 🙂 It’s inspiring!

  2. well!! i knew u would say that. i was actually jokin, i’m least interested in addin ur stuff as it is based on photography to my blog which is based on wallpaper collection theme. but i know one thing its the right of the students to follow their teachers footprints and that is not possible by using teacher’s stuff. keep up the good work!

  3. Author

    Actually Anita, I do mind. I work hard to create my photographs and my content for readers of my blog, not for readers of your blog. Please find your own content.

  4. Thanks very much! And it works pretty much the same way on a PC. Click on the link and save the zipped file to a download folder of some sort – wherever you can find it again. When download is complete, navigate to wherever you saved the file and extract/unzip it. I use ExtractNow so I can unzip several zipped files at the same time quickly, and automatically move the original zipped file somewhere else for eventual deletion. Move the unzipped wallpaper files to your photo folder – wherever you put photos to sync to your iPhone/iPod. Voila!

    Thanks again. Love your work.

    Pam in Alberta

  5. Thank you David!!!! We love it that you love us!! These are great shots (as always) — thank you again for being “down to earth” and real — and I thank the Lord for people like you that He is using around the world to make a difference — by His grace!

  6. Thank you David, love the wallpapers. You know, if you keep doing these kind of things, your images will be on a LOT of computers and phones around the world, reminding us permanently that kindness is still alive. I think we really need to be reminded of that considering how things are going around lately in this crazy world.

  7. I don’t have iPHONE but I have got a PC 😀 🙂
    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much for sharing it with us and that too for free………thanks

  8. Not just for iPhones – these are now part of my Windows screen saver – just download them into a folder and then point your screensaver to that folder.

  9. Thank you thank you! These are gorgeous, and it will make me think of your guidance always.

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  11. Thanks, David. This is a great gift. I’m sure us PC users will be able to figure it out.

  12. Thanks, David, they are beautiful, …sets a new standard for iPhone wallpaper. 🙂

  13. Although I don’t have an iPhone these are great offerings. An encouragement to us all on giving back to those who are our greatest supporters.

    Thank you.


  14. Apparently only so many free per day? Getting an error that free check out will be available Nov 5…. anyway thanks David! I’ll get in line Nov 5!

  15. Thank you David!
    You are constantly giving back to the photo community and it is appreciated.
    Thanks again,

  16. Many thanks for your generosity, you’re the best. Congrats on being in the top 5, a well deserved award

  17. Wow ! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift — thank you.

    Your Nov wallpaper makes me smile every day : – ) and these will brighten it even more.

    all the best,


  18. Beautiful, stunning and my iPhone is going to be uber happy too! Thanks David for your generosity – in spirit and in action!

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