December 2009 Wallpaper

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Here’s the December wallpapers in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853, shot in a secluded monastery in northern Thailand this August. Would have given anything to have a hand reach through those robes but the colour and texture still pulled my eye.

Click the image above to get the small wallpaper, and HERE to get the large one. Enjoy!


  1. And I like the image very much. It’s just not suitable for my desktop – the rich saturated color is too distracting for me, I couldn’t focus on my work. I’m still looking for the right texture to take a picture of and make it into a wallpaper. Once I’m done, I’ll let you know 🙂
    Looking forward for some free time to read your “Inspired Eye”…

  2. JI–I’m not sure how David does it, but in Photoshop, it would just be a matter of opening the photo file, then creating a text layer for the calendar month. I think you could possibly even do the calendar in a word-processing program and then paste it into a new layer in PS. Hmmm, I think I’m going to try that myself.

  3. First time visitor to your site, David. Very inspirational, so I just went on amazon and ordered your new book VisionMongers. Great site, love your work, I’ll be back.

  4. Yummm, all that beautiful gold and texture. Just right for my desktop. Thanks for your generosity. I really enjoyed your last one too. And yes, simplicity is very important for this use (otherwise I can’t find my icons!)

    Smart doing this. It is generous and it keeps your name firmly in my mind. I like the way you interact with us. I feel like you are somehow cementing a friendship. Thanks.

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  6. Author

    Boo, I take criticism quite well. In fact I seek it out. But criticism is only as good as the one from which it comes and as you didn’t man up and leave your name, or even leave the criticism within the context of some kind of conversation, I think you’ve given up the higher ground on this one.

    It’s just a desktop image. I shot it because the texture and the colour appealed to me – they still do. It’s a sketch of a photograph I will one day take that more completely expresses my vision. But for now, it is what it is.

    You’re free to dislike it. You’re free to comment. But don’t presume. This was an empty monastery and I was travelling. Waiting is a virtue if there’s a payoff and I had places to go. I know about patience and the importance of waiting. But again, this is was shot simply for love of the scene. Desktop wallpapers serve a function and the simpler the images the better.

    The myth that you ascribe to, the notion that because I post something on my blog means I am open to feedback comes from a presumptuous, entitled mindset. It’s a little like saying I shouldn’t put my own photographs on my livingroom wall if I don’t want my friends to criticize them. Go back to your own living room and criticize them there, but in my home you treat everyone, myself included, with respect and without presumption. And you introduce yourself first.

    The rules here aren’t many, and they aren’t hard. Be honest. Be kind. Play well with others. If any of my regular readers had said, “Hey man, this one doesn’t work for me. I see what you’re going for, but it’s boring,” then I’d have more inclination to listen to them.

    End of discussion. You’re most welcome here and so is your opinion. But no hit and runs here, that’s not how we do it. If that’s the way you prefer to do it I’m sure there are countless forums that would be glad to have your anonymous comments.

  7. Thanks for the wallpaper. I also like that you did not go for a ‘wintery, christmasy, silent night type of shot. I did crop it a bit to fit my 1280×1024 and so that the calendar was larger….just a personal preference.

  8. I notice you don’t take criticism well.

    Sorry if it is not the usual feel good post that you are used to but if you are going to release your work to the public expect REAL feedback.

    Next time have patience and wait for the right moment.

  9. Author

    Wow, Boo, thanks for the constructive criticism and anonymous comment. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? It’s a wallpaper, nothing more. But in the end I shot it for myself, so if you don’t like it, I’m cool with that. (Can I tell you how much I love it when people get something for free and still crap on it…? yeesh)

    Go take a yoga class, drink a glass of wine, or pick up your camera and make some photographs. But leave the anonymous comments elsewhere.

  10. Thanks again for a great desktop. I’ve only started using them recently but I’ve caught myself a number of times just starting at the my computer desktop lost in the images.

    I’ve recently moved to Windows 7 and just wanted to pass along the the last week of the month in the calendar gets cut off due to the tak bar width be thicker then in XP.

  11. Love the shading of bright gold through dusky orange, with all the seams and layers and gathers. I’m also pleased that you resisted the obvious, considering the time of year.

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  13. Just a suggestion: why not put metadata giving licensing terms in the file?

    I’ve just looked with Irfanview, and couldn’t even see your name in either EXIF or IPTC ;-).

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