March 2010 Wallpaper

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Here’s the March 2010 wallpaper in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853, shot en route to the Maasai Mara this past January. Apologies for the late posting, but what i lack in punctuality I make up for with, uh, pink.

Click the image above to get the small wallpaper, and HERE to get the large one. Enjoy!


  1. Frederick – hey man, no offense taken. Different strokes, different folks, right? At least you tried 🙂

  2. No offense David, but that’s just too much pink for me..I tried..But after you posted the pic from Senegal, I couldn’t resist making THAT ONE my wallpaper (even though it’s too small) – less the calendar- for the month!:)

  3. Author

    @Andy R – Hey man, we’re all busy people. Not everyone has the time to dig through 5 years of archives. That’s why I’m here. 🙂

  4. Now I feel dumb! I didn’t get back long enough in your blog to find that! Looks like I’ll be spending some time digging back through your archives next time!

    Great stuff. I really enjoy reading about the processes as well. The art of creativity is concealing your sources!

  5. Have really enjoyed reading your blog. Love your eye for the photo. But strange question…what do you use for the calendar insert? Are you using a plug-in, or do you have a graphic source just to add that. I can’t see you doing it in text everytime!

    Your wallpapers are on my laptop each month now.

  6. Love the picture, but prefer the calendar in the lower left corner. (Although the horizon might get in the way.) Thanks!

  7. Beautifil, superb. I wish I could see the peaceful “feeling” from the image in Africa’s countries.
    Well done!

  8. It’s funny how digital has made many of us forget about using filters because of the “I can do it in post” way of thinking. I’m addicted to my polarizers, though.
    Love this image, btw, but as I break out in hives when I get near the Barbie aisle in toy stores, I’m not sure I could handle all the pink staring at me for the entire month. 😀

  9. Author

    JVL – Thanks but there’s very little post processing involved here. Just a Singh-Ray Blue-Gold Polarizer at the time of capture. 🙂

  10. I’ve been meaning to tell you this, ever since we first “met” (me starting to stalk read your posts online is meeting right?) – you are very good at conceptualizing, and implementing, Split-toned images… or mixed tones.

    You probably cover this in your upcoming book (PLUG!) but I haven’t been able to get any real likable results in lightroom when I “colourize” a photo. Then again, maybe it’s the photo… or maybe it’s the photographer? GAH! Maybe my vision isn’t adjusted to split-toning yet. You wear those glasses with tints on them don’t you? that’s your trick.

    There’s always a trick.

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  12. Compliments on your March 2010 wallpaper, and on your book “Within The Frame”. I found the book very good reading and the photos, ideas presented inspirational.

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