One of Yours, One of Mine Winner Announced + A free 8×12 Canvas.

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Earlier this month we announced a random draw for a canvas from Artistic Photo Canvas. The deal was simple. Put your name in the hat, and as long as you have a Canadian or U.S. mailing address you’d be eligible to win a chance at getting a 16×24 canvas of your own work, as well as one of mine. I’m going to announce the winner in a moment but first I want to pass along an offer APC is giving to everyone.

When I talked to Lew at APC about this, he was really excited to give away the canvases, and frankly this is a pretty generous giveaway; Lew and his crew at APC are like that. But he wanted to sweeten the deal for everyone that didn’t win. So if you order a 16×24, or larger, canvas before midnight PST on July 6th, Lew will also give you a free 8×12 of the same Venice print I’m giving to the winner.  There are two catches. The first, and I’m sorry to do it to my international friends, is that this offer is only for Canadian and U.S. customers. Sorry. The second is that there’s only one free canvas per customer.

I love my work on canvas and APC is my choice. I was struck by the percentage of people that commented on this blog post with comments like, “I’m not worthy” or “My work isn’t good enough.”  All I can say is that your work doesn’t have to be perfect to print it. How can you really develop your craft without printing your work? By all means, only print the stuff you love, but if I waited for my work to be perfect I’d never print anything.

APC is an eco-friendly lab; the first and only major online lab to exclusively use only OBA-free and fluorescent whitening agent-free canvas, and that means a lot to me. It also means your photographs last longer without going yellow. They only print on canvas and I really believe they’re the best in the business. I love these guys. They are personal and professional and everything they’ve done for me has been amazing. Anyways, I’ll stop gushing. If you want to see how good your photographs can look, put one on big canvas.

Here’s what you need to know about placing an order to get the free Venice print. Go to the website, place your order and use coupon code: ONEOFYOURS. Easy-peasy. They’ll send you an 8×12 canvas of my work, along with the 16×24, or larger, of yours.

Now, without further ado…the winner of this month’s giveaway is Meryl Alcabes! Congratulations, Meryl! Lew will be touching base with you to get your prizes to you. We’d love to see what the canvases look like so feel free to take a picture once they’re safe and hung with care in your home. 🙂


  1. David, I jumped at the ONE OF YOURS offer and was thrilled with the quality and colour of the canvases. I love your Venice print and I’m happy to say I love my own too. APC has my business from now on!!

  2. Ah, too bad I missed all of this fun! However, thank you all for the info about the canvas printing. I have been looking locally in Vancouver for a quality printer, but now it seems that there isn’t one. I will investigate APC. Has anyone used (from the UK?)

    I have many questions about printing and the different choices available (ie: aluminum backing, giclee, original art print, etc.) if anyone can help explain it all, I would be grateful! Here’s my thing:

    I have a trio of “matching” photographs that I would like to print so I can see what my work looks like on the wall, all fancy. I might like to try canvas (which I am familiar with.) But what is “direct print on aluminum backing?” and “original photo print on aluminum backing?” There seems to be so many choices (like in the toothbrush aisle!) and I don’t know what to choose! I don’t want to miss out on something awesome, but I also don’t want to screw up and waste a bunch of money on this perceived awesome-ness.

    Hey David, can there be a contest to win a Day with DuChemin? Then, assuming that I will win, I could ask all of the questions I have and look at your stuff all afternoon and then have tea with you. 🙂

  3. Congrats, Meryl.

    I just placed my order at the midnight hour! Didn’t see this offer until just now and I’m excited to receive your Venice print. Cheers!

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  5. Congratulations Meryl. Thanks again David. I’d already ordered my own 16×20 before I saw this – just received it in fact and it looks great! Oh well. You’re right though, APC are fantastic.

  6. Living and breathing “Using your powers for good not evil” – what a generous offer from you & APC! Definitely worth ordering a canvas to get one of yours!

  7. Count me in on this deal! I think Venice will look awesome in my new place 🙂

    Thanks David and APC!

  8. @Brian C., you can get a mailbox in Point Roberts or Blaine. That’s where I get my APC canvasses shipped to and I avoid the brokerage fees plus I get cheaper gas at the same time.

    Also with the HST, you won’t pay WA state tax so that’s a bonus!

  9. Thank you, everyone. I am very excited to win! I can’t wait to experience APC’s canvases and of course I am thrilled with the idea that I’ll have one of David’s images on my wall. I have no idea which of my images could possibly be worthy of a canvas but somehow I’ll manage to choose one. Thanks again to David and to everyone for your generous congratulations.

  10. Congratulations Meryl…maybe you could show us the image you pick for the canvas treatment sometime.

  11. Yayyyyyy! I’ve been just drooling over your Venice shot, so I just might have to follow through on this offer. Besides, July 5 is my birthday. What better excuse to buy myself a couple of canvas prints: one of yours and one of mine. 🙂

  12. BTW Congrats to Meryl too..

    I have used several sources in Vancouver (Custom Colour and The Lab) with some success, but MPIX and APC are far better. Maybe we just have to set up a friend network in the states to ship to and have that person redirect through the mail to us. Saves the cost of that dreaded brokerage fee anyway. And the dreaded HST coming in this week is another issue, don’t get me started on that one.

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  14. Congrats Meryl!!

    I love the health care take David.

    @ Brian Cargnelli: Hey, maybe look into filling the print void in Canada. Looks like there is a real need that needs to be met.

  15. Author

    @Brian Cargnelli – I feel your pain, and no, I haven’t. Just the cost of being a Canuck. Hey, at least we get free hospitalizations to offset the price of shipping 🙂

  16. Hi David,

    I have used APC in the past, but am getting killed with the shipping and duty here to Canada. I also used MPIX, same thing. Have you found an online lab in Canada that compares. I use both MPIX and APC for clients that live in the states, but if I have to ship it to Canada, it sucks big time.



  17. Congratulations, Meryl! I’m jealous! Hope you enjoy your work displayed in this format.

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