July 2010 Desktop Wallpapers

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July wallpapers are here, in both 2560×1600 and 1280×853.

This is the cover image of the next in The Print & Process series: SAFARI, A Monograph being released through Craft & Vision on July 8th.

Click the image above for the smaller wallpaper. Click HERE for the larger one.


  1. I’ve been a harsh critic at times, but this shot is why I love your photography. Brilliantly done.

  2. What a good idea. Where do you get the calendar icon from? I’d like to adopt this for my clients – hope you don’t mind me cribbing this idea!!

    Have a lovely day,

    1. Author

      Paul, I create the calendar in Photoshop. You could just as easily paste in a screen shot from the Mac OSX Dashboard calendar or some other app.

  3. I can’t wait for the next Print & Process, I went on a safari two years ago and hopefully will get to next year. My safari photos are some of my favorites I’ve ever taken, this one is awesome David!

  4. Thanks David, a keen and splendid leopard photograph, universally a stunning image!!!

    (now you’ve got me using!! and ALL CAPS)

  5. By golly, for being a human-shooter, you’ve sure done a great job with this big cat! Loverly.

  6. Great shot David, I still remember watching you on your first game drive in Samburu as you shot this guy. You were SO excited!


  7. I have to agree with Sean. I always approach the end of the month wondering which beautiful photograph will greet me on my PC for the following one. Thank you!

  8. As terrific as this picture is, it’ll be difficult giving up those June boats!

  9. Thanks David. Your wallpapers have become a monthly habit, addiction can be a good thing!

  10. I just want to pull that tail and see what happens 🙂 One of my favourite images from Kenya…thanks for making it into a wallpaper.

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