Postcard from Iceland

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Hi folks. Wow, what an amazing 6 days this has been. I’m in a hotel in Hofn right now, first time we’ve not tented it somewhere off the road. We’re having an amazing time. This place is unlike any place I’ve been. This morning I had a cup of hot coffee behind a waterfall after eating breakfast in a cave well past the middle of nowhere. Last night we shot in the cave until at least 11pm before heading back into the driving rain to the SUV to do an hour of editing in before retiring to the tent. Amazing. Hope all’s well with you. Can’t wait to share the images. The one above was shot last night in the cave.


  1. The thing I love about Iceland in the summer is how late you can be up making images. The light is so lovely. I get a kick out of showing people my images from there and pulling up the EXIF data to show them the capture time. (Okay, that sounds a bit geeky.)
    And there are waterfalls everywhere!

  2. Man David, you really know how to make a ton of people jealous. The image is beautiful and invites the imagination to step out of the cave and explore the vastness of the land.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You WILL tell us about your trip soon, right? Glad to know somebody’s enjoying the Creation =]

  4. Author

    Maureen, I can’t even tell you how cool it is – defies the imagination. 🙂 Almost as cool as seeing elephants, possibly a little cooler even than that! Hope you’re well. You healing up? I heard you took a tumble. Get well!

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