A (long overdue) Postcard From Ladakh

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Hi folks. Wow, two weeks and not a peep from me. Sorry about that. Ladakh is pretty remote and we were on the road enough that getting to an internet cafe to test my chances at a connection just never happened. But man I love Ladakh. We barely made it out of Leh this morning with an incoming weather front that cancelled flights yesterday but allowed us to squeak out in a small window of blue sky this morning.

We spent two weeks shooting and among those days one of them when I went to bed not far from Tso Moriri, a high altitude lake not far from the border of Tibet. I awoke to find my boots stolen, but when the rest of the day is spent moving a little higher to camp among nomads and yaks in a valley (image below) surrounded by mountains, it’s hard to complain, even in borrowed sandals that are two sizes two big. I went to bed with a fever and the fun that is e.Coli. What a day!

I’m in Delhi right now and in 7 hours will be on a plane to Bangkok, then a drive to Ban Phe, a boat across the Gulf of Thailand to Kho Samet and it’s pad thai, chang beer, and a hammock for a week on the beach before doing it all in reverse and heading to Nepal for Kathmandu Within The Frame. We’ve got a new eBook coming out soon – keep an eye out for it. In the mean time, go shoot something – or someone – you love. Hope you’re all well.


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  3. Sorry to hear about the boots & e-coli. But the shots are amazing!! I was going to say how much I love the first one, which I do, and then I loved the second one as much. Yep, pretty much babbling now. But seriously – STUNNING photos!

  4. This is the first time I’ve visited this blog and I assure you it won’t be the last time! Unbelievable photography.

  5. Love your final remark : in the mean time go shoot something – or someone – you love .
    that’s the core : do what you love – love what you do

  6. David…I had to lookup with Ladakh actually was…I think you are allowed to be absent for a bit to make such wonderful photos!

  7. “…it’s pad thai, chang beer, and a hammock for a week on the beach before doing it all in reverse…”

    David, you have the best life ever.

  8. Your making the world smaller for all of us. Love the stories from your travels. No words for the images except wow.

    Best to you,


  9. i don’t think it’s hdr melissa, it looks like an nd grad on a bit of an angle!

    read the e-book from iceland and you’ll see what i mean!

    David, great e-book again, i leave it open sometimes just to reflect on the images. you make me want to go outside and forget about my day job… hmm

  10. @ Melissa: David & HDR? That’ll be the day 🙂
    @ David: just back in from Delhi: Nizamuddin & Karim’s were a great experience, each in their own right 🙂 Thx for the advice.

  11. Brings back great memories. And hopefully will cement enough new ones for you to overcome the gutrot and footrot. Glad you could make Tso Moriri this time.

  12. Too bad about your boots and icky stomach bacteria… but lovely photos. The bottom one looks a bit like HDR. Is it? I do like the drama of it – very moody. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  13. i think its time for a little critique (otherwise you only hear how great your pictures are 😉 ) – in the second photo you destroyed the sky with a to havy nd filter. the lower 2/3 are cool, but that top 1/3 is poor. i would let the fever count as an excuse …

    so get well and enjoy the trip!

  14. Wow, you’re fortunate that it was only your boots that got stolen! But then again, maybe in that part of the world, boots would be more useful than camera gear. Hope you packed the flagyl 🙂

  15. I have a funny feeling that the stomach bug isn’t really bothering you all that much. Your happiness alone will probably get rid of it!

  16. Sounds like you are having fun. More ‘ups’than ‘dpowns’. That’s a good life. Enjoy.

  17. Meanwhile … back in rainy Vancouver…. I spent the whole day yesterday at my computer with Vision & Voice. I was extremely happy working on images the way I want them to look and following your workflow. Your images always inspire me. Safe trip.

  18. I envy you. Boots and all. Love the shot and can’t wait to see what you bring back.

  19. Awesome to see such an accomplished people-shooter branch out into landscapes with such magnificent results. You’ve a fine muse, my friend. Sucks about your boots, though.

  20. Sounds like a great adventure David, thanks for checking in. That is the best tent shot I’ve ever seen!! Makes me wonder whats going on in those tents, uploading & reviewing photos, a taste of scotch, dinner or passing out in the sleeping bag.

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