Postcard from Kho Samed

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Last night up to my neck in the warm waters off Kho Samed.

Hello from the small island of Kho Samed. I came here last year for a couple days at the end of a 2 week shoot in northern Thailand, and knew I had to come back. So when I had a week to hangout between the Ladakh and Kathmandu workshops, this was the place to be! We’re doing a little shooting, eating a lot of amazing food right on this pier, including breakfast which I am about to go eat before jumping off into the clear blue waters below. When I’m exhausted from all that I settle into the hammock and read Theroux’s Dark Star Safari. Fantastic read.

We’re here another two days then begin making our way to Kathmandu to meet the Kathmandu Within The Frame team for 2 weeks of shooting and learning in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Bandipur. Can’t wait. Hey, speaking of travelling, and workshops, there are still a couple spaces left for the Tuscany Within The Frame workshop. The others are full, and this one’s filling, but it you want in, you should get in on it sooner than later.

Thanks for your patience with this longer stretch of travel. I know a lot of you enjoy popping in here on the blog and my absence has been a little longer this time. Hope the autumn is being good to you. Watch for a new eBook on Thursday, then updates as I can send them from Kathmandu next week!


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  3. Hello David, this is a beautyful photograph from a beautyful scene! I love it!
    It is fine to read that you are well. Have a nice and a rich in content trip with the Within-The-Frame-Workshop-Participants an your Co-Leader Jeffrey! Cheers, Jens

  4. I just finished reading your book. THANK YOU 🙂 It pumped me up! You are awesome and your talent is amazing.

  5. A gorgeous image, David, and one I know many will want for their iPhone or iPad!
    I miss your posts, but knowing that you are in a beautiful place and developing your craft makes it bearable. That and the 20°C weather we’re having back here in Vancouver. 🙂

  6. Ahhh, Koh Samed – one of my favorite spots. My first visit was a blitzkrieg tour with a group of Thai elementary students from Issan. Aside from being totally walkable, my favorite part is that it is a tourist destination for both Thais and foreigners.

  7. I like the pictures you’ve been posting – it seems like your new photographic directions are starting to intersect with the stuff we’ve known you for, like the deep colors and concise compositions. Cant wait to see the rest of what you come back with!

  8. Fantastic image. I can picture you on that pier!! I know you work hard David – but you sure reap the benefits too! Safe trip.

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