Postcard From Cape Foulwind

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Sitting in the RV after what was close to the perfect evening. Fantastic pasta dinner overlooking what might now be my favourite beach in the world, with a bottle of Pepperjack Shiraz, and waiting for the sun to drop. Then two perfect hours with cameras, lenses, tripod, and hopping from rock to rock, exploring caves and arches, and (though there are no witnesses) giggling like a little kid. Can’t even tell you how good for the soul this evening was. These are the magic times for the creative, when we go and play for the sheer love of playing, and we’re rewarded in turn with something beautiful. Even if I’d shot all evening without a CF card in the camera, I’d have come back happy. Way too much fun.

Cape Foulwind on the west coast of the South Island. Make a note. Amazing. Can’t wait for morning to go back out.

Wish y’all were here.

PS – The image above will embiggen if you click it. I don’t always do this but I’ve had requests that are fresh in my mind. Truth is, I am dangerously close to crashing my servers with traffic and until I get things changed I’m doing what I can to keep the bandwidth down. And mostly I just forget to make bigger images. Want the big ones? Buy the books 🙂


  1. Wow. This almost de-stresses me just to read your posts and gaze upon these photos…..Almost.

    Thanks for sharing, David.

  2. Awesome shot! I just added this place to the ever growing, long list of places I plan on seeing while travelling all over New Zealand in less than 16 days!

    Just stumbled upon your blog about life and living, and I hope I can apply that to my life as well.

    Best of light!

  3. Another amazing image. I just read the Iceland e-book the other day and was so glad to hear you still use filters. When I switched to digital a few years ago, others told me to pack the filters and use photoshop… I’m glad I kept them in my bag. You are doing a remarkable thing for photographers around the world. I’m glad to be part of your journey. Thanks for sharing David.

    By the way: the e-books are addictive!

  4. Servers be darned! My eyes and heart love the bigger images. Thanks for providing it at least with this lovely image. What a fantastic landscape, David.

  5. thanks for taking us with you- i love living in this future where i have so many interesting “friends” to learn from while drinking coffee! P.S. i have a sort of O.C.D. relating to horizons and i believe this one ( no matter how gorgeous) is slightly out of plumb? hoping to read you again soon, N8

  6. Great shot. Glad to hear you’re having a blast out there. Live a bit of life for those of us who just got back from adventuring and are charging our emotional and monetary bank accounts.

  7. Roll on, David, roll on. New Zealand is definitely on the Places I Must Shoot List, and it’s great to get a first hand travelogue from a trusted source. Thank you and keep enjoying!

  8. it’s very beautiful calm picture- nature itself. The snow is definetely more white and fresh than here, in Cracow. Keep warm, David 🙂

  9. Beautiful. I’m sure a bottle of Pepperjack Shiraz added to the pleasure. Wish I was there.

  10. Gorgeous image!
    I’m so jealous.. you’re out playing in the water in the Summer in NZ and it’s freezing here in the USA. Can’t even go outside with out ten layers of clothing…
    Have fun and enjoy it all!
    btw…can you shoot w/o CF card???

  11. Great image! My husband and I were in New Zealand 10 yrs ago while travelling around the world. We spent time at Cape Foulwind and got completely soaked from the wind and rain. We had to strip down outside our car, great fun! Luckily no one around. Enjoy the gorgbeous scenery there!

  12. Lovely image and tip on the cape. Just a thought but does anyone else have the transforming noise from Transformers running through their head when they “embiggen” an image? Just me…oh well.

  13. I am loving reading your updates! I am so happy you are doing this for I am living vicariously though you and your images! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

  14. You can tell you were loving the moment. The composition, tones — everything is just perfect. When we love what we do, it will always show. Thanks for the wonderful image!

  15. I love it when I’m in the right mood to get my inner kid to come out and play. Amazing things can happen…

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Gorgeous image and great post! We really need the play, even though most of us don’t male time for it. It helps to recharge the engine. Good for you David. Enjoy!

  17. Ah! Pure joy! Sometimes happiness is just being there, finding the possibilities and using the camera. Enjoy!

    And thanks for showing us this gorgeous, serene image.

  18. Glad you’re enjoying your time here, David. It’s always interesting to hear how an ‘out of towner’ reacts to our beautiful landscape. The West Coast is amazing. We took the kids down there a couple of years ago – my first visit for many years – and they were blown away. There’s a great photo opportunity almost around every corner. I love your photos. Take take your time here and take care.

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