December 2010 Wallpaper

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December wallpapers are now here in both 2560×1600 and 1280×800. I want you to know they don’t get much fresher than this. I’m in my RV parked for the night with this view outside. I shot it 30 minutes ago and am now downloading it via 3G USB stick. I love the times we live in!

Photographed outside Havelock, South Island, New Zealand after a spectacular dinner of greenshelled mussels – grilled with garlic – and some nice dark local-ish beer.

The smaller wallpaper is all yours by clicking the image above, the larger one can be had by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

PS – There’s some funky posterization occuring in these wallpapers that I just noticed and the only way I can seem to get rid of it is with a gradient, blur, and adding some noise.  It’s getting late here so instead of re-doing this whole post and tapping out my bandwidth, HERE’s a link to a large less-posterized version. Sorry for the hassle.


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  2. I was just teasing you about dust spots as you get so obsessed about them in your book… 😛

  3. Seeing that spectacular location brings up the question… Is it hard to pack up and leave such as beautiful place?

  4. Author

    Sorry for the dust spots, folks. I’m on a 13″ laptop and they don’t show so well. I pushed this out quickly and it was that or nothing, so apologies in advance for a month of dust spots. Or you could open the image in PS and do a quick healing brush job on them. Up to you. 🙂 BTW, thanks to all for the recommendation to go to the Mussel Inn in Onekaka – fantastic!

  5. This image goes so well with your logo! I would love land there with it! 🙂
    But, wouldn’t you clean those damn dust spots in the water please! 😀

  6. fabulous image. I’m loving my collection of images from your blue period. 😉 Thanks for making time to post this!

  7. Hi David,
    Looks lovely on the desk top – thanks. One day I will get across the Tasman and visit NZ. Conversely, aren’t you tempted to visit this little continent nearby – you would adore Tassie and the Centre?
    Cheers, Keith

  8. Absolutely beautiful!!! You’re killing me….
    I just put an ad on CraigsList…”Will trade house, car, wife, kids, for one-way ticket to New Zealand!”

  9. Kia Ora David. So glad you are enjoying our wee part of the world! I get to enjoy sailing in these beautiful Marlborough Sounds every week – yup a tough life I know! 😉 David, a beautiful image of the Sounds – thank you. Enjoy your NZ travels! Paula, Picton NZ

  10. Very moody image. Very smooth. Love it.

    I like the fact there is no calendar imprint on it – I find those a little distracting and redundant, for wallpaper on electronic systems, that is.

  11. It’s photographs like this that remind me why I moved to the other side of the world to live here. Can feel a road trip coming on again back to the SI. Hope you are enjoying the unseasonally early summer weather I organised especially for your trip :o)

  12. Great shot, David! Thanks for the wallpaper! Please come back with more shots like this one.

  13. Fantastic work as always. Thanks for being such a great resource to the photo community!

  14. This is fantastic David. I love these deep and delicate blue tones along with the slightly perceivable greens of the trees. Yes, this is definitely my wallpaper now! Have a good time!

  15. Awesome shot, thought it was Diamond Harbour for a second.
    Glad you’re liking our lil neck of the woods! 😀

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