Postcard & Wallpapers from Kenya

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A very quick and overdue hello from Nairobi. Spent the last week with an amazing group of people and now I’m back in Nairobi and turning around very quickly with a 6am drive up North tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, I suppose. So click on the image above and you should get this month’s wallpaper in the small size, click HERE and get the large one.

And here are the postcards I’ve been wishing I could send out. Sorry for my absence but man it’s good to be back online if only for a moment. From this point on I’m gone north for at least 12 days, and it’s going to be very rustic. I’ll be lucky to get accomodations that are anything more than a hut, so there’s no chance of seeing me online. Still enjoy the views here, I’ll see you when I’m back in Nairobi.


  1. I really love the portrait of the warrior. What settings did you shoot him in and did you use a preset black and white effect on the camera? or add it in later? All the photos are gorgeous

  2. Hey, You surely know this but dongles (USB modems) are these days dirt cheap in Kenya and available at every mobile phone shop. The coverage is pretty impressive too. Might be worth it even if spending just a little while here.

  3. You bring reality to every image you share. The portrait is my favorite. Eyes do not lie, this young man has walked a thousand miles… Someday one could be so lucky to walk in your shoes. Thank you David and have a wonderful journey!

  4. Award Winning Photo, David-
    Was think about your trip and entered in your site and “Walla” there you are…
    Extrodinary Album on your Safari Trip… You guys make it safe back home to American Soil

  5. That wallpaper is just what I needed. A good change from the ever frequent snow storms we have been getting in the North East for the past couple of weeks. Thanks much David. You’ve literally brightened my mornings. 🙂

  6. Is the flare the latest thing? I like it! I do it both outdoors and indoors (studio) …. though my lecturer chastises me for doing so. Fooee to her I say … let the flares run free!! 🙂

  7. David,

    Just wanted to add to all the comments about how stunning this month’s wallpaper is. All of your photos are fantastic but this one just explodes off the screen. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I always enjoyed the colour of your pictures. You really make the colours work in your photographs.
    But seeing these new pictures from Kenya, it seems to me as if you just pushed your level of photography one step farther. There is a really interesting mood going on in these pictures. Especially in the second and third one. Love those! To me it looks like you used the light in a way you usually don’t.
    But also the portrait has something very special about it. It combines strengh and sonftness in a very unique way, I think.

  9. Beautiful photos David! Thanks for the awesome wallpapers too! I throw them into a folder and let Win 7 rotate them randomly!

  10. hello David
    thanks for sharing yr excellent pictures from Kenya. I was lucky enough to be in Kenya, as well. Even the same time when you was 🙂 greetings from cold Poland / no sun at all, miss SUN of Kenya and its friendly people there !/.
    The portrait of Masai varrior / or it’s Samburu maybe?/ is really great !

  11. Have to say, David, as stoked as I am that you are exploring landscapes more and more in your own personal work (and excelling at them!), this portrait of the warrior is one of your best yet! This photograph looks and feels as if it could have been taken at any point in the last one hundred years. There is a timeless quality to it that must have been very enjoyable for you to experience.

  12. Beautiful pictures as always David!
    The portrait in particular is awesome!

    I really like landscapes, but I just love portraits 🙂

    Best regards

  13. David –

    Wishing safe and exciting travels. May you return well with a portable hard drive full of images, but most of all continue to be an ambassador for those of us who want to do the “just & right” thing for others in this world!

    ~ cheers

  14. Thanks for the images and post. I was ready for a new desktop wallpaper – I always tell people where I get them from when they ask at work!

  15. I really like the shot of the (wildebeast?) makes me feel warm and peaceful, thanks for sharing.

  16. There are literally millions of images coming out of Kenya every year. Still you manage to give a fresh impression of this beautiful country. Well done!

  17. These are breathtaking photographs, especially the final portrait. I’ve been staring at it for a while.

    Have a safe journey.

    1. I have a very old photograph of a grand elephant. It is stamped on the back with copyright mcdougall Nairobi (that is all I can make out).

      I received the framed photograph as a child growing up in Thailand. Do you know the photographer?

      Many thanks and safe travels, Shaké

  18. Thank you for sharing the Serenity of your journey, so greatly needed by us all. Wishing you a joyful and safe journey as you go more outbound ~ Warm Thoughts.

  19. Wow Maaaaaaaaaann !!!! This B&W portait is just awesome ! We all know Kenya for Safaris, lions, and all kind of amazing animals, but we don’t talk that much about the inhabitant.

    But still, I put the wallpaper right on my desktop.

    Enjoy your trip


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