Bandon Beach, OR – Two Photographs

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Safe and sound in a cheap-ass $60 motel in Lake Tahoe and about to hit the hay. Today was a long drive and a little frustrating. Seems we got skunked a couple times, not the least of which was a decision to leave the coast, head inland and shoot at Lassen Volcanic National Park which was, as it turns out, very closed. So we drove and drove and had a fantastic time but that was it, just driving. Lots of it. 12 hours, I think. Tomorrow we’ll head back to the coast and wind up in San Francisco. In the meantime, a quick glimpse of two of my favourites from Bandon Beach, OR. I know they’re small. Sorry. Bigger versions will appear in other media – books, etc, in the future. These exposures were between 6 and 20 seconds, f/3.5-ish, with a Nikon 24/3.5 tilt/shift lens on a big Gitzo tripod and Singh Ray 3-stop ND and ND grads.

Really hoping to do a tweet-up in San Francisco, watch the blog for details, but if it’s really quickly thrown-together it’ll be announced on Twitter instead. Follow me @PixelatedImage so you don’t miss a thing.


  1. I love these images, David. You really captured to serenity of the area at dusk. I can’t wait to go to the Bandon area this July! All the best.

  2. Author

    Thanks Al, but no toning here, this is just long exposures at twilight giving that colour. Love that time of day!

  3. Stay safe David – just read the issued a tsunami warning for Hawaii and the West Coast after Japan’s tsunami…

  4. Ok, just e-mailed on the lens. I have no self control. Not only have I really wanted a 300, but one that has a story…can’t resist!

  5. Love the pictures…the blue tone is so soothing. (It’s been a LONG day, so it was perfect timing to see these!) BTW, totally drooling over the lens you have for sale, but don’t know that I can scrape together the $3500 (even though it’s a steal…) I have a 7D that’s Canon, but shoot Nikon primarily…that lens would be perfect though…going to go through my gear to see if there is anything I can unload to offset the price! 😉 Safe travels David!

  6. Just stunning.
    Your trip is so inspiring. I can’t wait till you head out to the East Coast. (You *are* coming to the East Coast??)

  7. Great shots. I love the mood it brings.

    Just for comparison, what do you think the exposure would have been without the ND and grads?

    Also, did you do any color shifting in post?

  8. Beautiful shots. They may be small, but they are awesome. It appears you may have driven through Weaverville (I graduated from high school there) and went on your way. You are going to be sad to hear (especially after getting skunked at Lassen Park) that the BEST part of the California coast is the drive from Eureka to San Francisco…record breaking HUGE redwood trees…101 to highway 1 is an awesome drive with MANY photographic opportunities. If you have the time, backtrack and make that drive. It will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Have a safe trip.

  9. David- If you are still open for suggestions for places to go, I want to recommend the Camino del Diablo along the US/Mexico border. It is amazing and just right for Jessie’s speed. Good Luck!

  10. Beautiful! I’m sorry you missed our good weather. During January & February we had some gorgeous sunsets! I hope you will visit our area again sometime! I love Bandon!

  11. Stunning shots! Tahoe can offer some beautiful scenery. I imagine you’ll come up with something amazing.

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