Redding, CA

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Jessie in the Redwoods. Photo: Dave Delnea.

After days of non-stop rain we’ve left the coast seeking shelter and hoping that the Sierras give us a couple days without the rain. Snow would be fine, but I’m done with rain for now. We’re now in Redding, CA after a night in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Before we got to the Redwoods, which to be honest we blew through with only a stop for Dave to shoot Jessie and for me to fiddle with fuses and fix the windshield wipers, we stopped for lunch in Oregon, had another bowl of spectacular clam chowder and a great micro-brew and some time with the wildlife at a cheesy little diner/marina/bait store.

Today we’re off to Lassen Volcanic National Park with high hopes of finally dragging the cameras out in weather that we can actually photograph in. But with or without a single frame, this journey is a blast!


  1. Ok, a trip down the West Coast through the Redwood forests on my motorcycle is definitely on my short-term bucket list! Gorgeous picture. I’m really enjoying these near daily updates.

  2. Just read the earlier post…yes come to Sacramento this Saturday for Second Saturday…lots of amazing talent, we would be honored with your presence!!!! Let us know we’ll welcome you with open arms…:)

  3. Hey David,
    Welcome to CA/NV, I’m not far away in Sacramento will you be coming this way? Lots to see in the valley too….Travel safe!!!!

  4. I love that you are checking in with these posts! I love Dave’s photograph of Jessie on the road. Gosh that looks so freeing…peaceful. I love the symbolism of no other vehicle on the road.

  5. Enjoying (almost) rding shotgun with you. Please keep the updates coming.

  6. I’m with Daniel above, I can’t believe how fast you guys are moving! I love the top shot of Jessie – the focus and perspective are spot on.

  7. My grandparents homesteaded in the Redwoods. Property is now a camp ground called Rambling Rose. Simply beautiful. Grew up in northern CA. I’m looking forward to your images of the Redwoods. Safe travels.

  8. Rain in the forecast for the sierras…perhaps you should plan for Saturday in sacramento’s midtown neighborhood for the second Saturday art festivities?!

  9. The redwoods are amazing. I used to really enjoy camping the redwood forests of northern California. Lassen Volcanic National Park is a really interesting place with lots of great photography opportunities and amazing hikes.

  10. I am a domestic vehicle type of guy but I have to admit that Jesse turns me on. I have read good things about their off road capabilities. The only domestic option would be the Jeep Wrangler, which does not offer diesel. Anyways, I wouldn’t mind learning more about Jesse. Is she diesel? What size of engine? She a pig on fuel? You sure dressed her up nice.

    Great photo, Dave.

  11. I’m super late to the party making this offer, but when you get to the SF Bay Area, I’d love to hook up with you for a drink, a meal or a shoot (or all three ;o) ). We also have a spare bedroom, if you want to dry out on the cheap. We’re in a great location in N.Oakland, close to the freeway and public transportation. Contact me via email for more info. Sounds like you’re having a blast.

    Best, -Jeff

  12. Cool shot at the top, love the updates, it’d be cool to see a little map of your route thus far like in the movies, little red line chugging along…

  13. LOVE the “Do Not Clean Fish Here” sign. Hilarious. The Redwoods are amazing. I’ve always enjoyed them when I lived there.

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