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We spent the day yesterday at Pacific City, Oregon, parked on the beach behind the Pelican Brewery. The Pelican has amazing west-coast microbrew, and some of the best clam chowder and mahi-mahi tacos I’ve ever had. We sat and took in the few, wandered up the dunes to scout for the evening, and generally dried out. My jeans have been so wet I’ve been worried about growing moss on them, so the sunshine after a couple days of straight rain, has been welcome.

This trip is beginning to settle into a rhythm of daily tasks. There are few things I enjoy more than waking to the cool dawn on a beach or mossy forest as we did this morning at Beverly Beach State Park, putting the coffee on and busying myself with essential things, sitting and listening to the silence.

Dave Delnea traveled with my to Iceland this year and we’ve got more adventures coming. He’s an easy-going travel companion who can make a mean cup of coffee and he doesn’t cross the imaginary (but very real) line in the tent, so what more could you want? 🙂 I find shooting with Dave inspiring, and a little unusual in the sense that we collaborate but don’t pursue even remotely the same kind of photographs these days.

The big surprise for me so far is the use I’ve got from my iPhone 4 camera, which is so much better than previous models that I’m using it as much, or more than, my D3s. I love the simplicity and the forced constraints of one lens. Makes me want to get my hands on the new Fuji x100. I think what I love is the way such a simple camera forces me to think about the frame and the moment and nothing else.

Right now it’s the moments that matter, whether I have a camera or not. I’m collecting moments because it’s truly all we have in life – moments with loved ones, moments of peace, or struggle, or personal challenge. But life is lived in the moment, not the past or the future. I’m trying to purge from my vocabulary the words, “I can’t wait until…” and simply enjoy the moments I am in. Like I said, they’re all we have.

PS. I’ve received so many emails from readers offering me tips and a place to stay, and wifi has been scarce at times, so please forgive me if I rolled through your part of town before getting your email, or if I just didn’t reply. Please know how grateful and humbled I am by the generosity. If you see Jessie as we roll through town, please flag us down.


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  3. Safe travels to you and your friends David. I have to say I truly love your thoughts on collecting moments. That is the profound truth that each of us have to keep remembering. Savor each moment you have for each day is a gift. Keep the pictures coming. I live vicariously through you in terms of getting around the world.

  4. Moments…so true. All we have are moments and we must live in them because that’s all we have…and you never realize that until moments with certain people are taken away. What an amazing start to your adventure…

  5. David,

    I’d be interested to know what iPhone 4 apps you are using to collect your images. I noticed that these look very much like a Polaroid, are they from your iPhone?

    Love the adventure in your voice and photographs! keep em coming!

  6. Wow, I enjoyed reading another part of your adventure. Nice post. I love the iPhone photographs. Most pros I know are really enjoying mobile photography and I think that is great. A few gripe on Twitter…but they’ll live. LOL

    I can’t lie, I started laughing hard about the imaginary but real tent line. I’ve never slept in a tent or been camping so that’s really funny to me.

    “Right now it’s the moments that matter, whether I have a camera or not” is the most amazing line in this post. True. Be safe and keep enjoying the journey…the external one and the internal one. 🙂

  7. Whoa! What an adventure! Best of luck and safe travels. Be sure to enjoy the clam chowder in Cannon Beach and can’t wait to see the photos of “Goonies” beaches.

  8. I can just about see Jessie from here. I’m flaggin’ you down! Arms are waving. Voice is calling! Come on over!!!

    ~Steven (six hours away in Central Oregon 😉 )

  9. “it’s the moments that matter”

    So true! I can relate to that statement so well…I am working to carve that attitude into everything that I do.

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  11. Great words David & ones which echo well within me. If you get the chance to have a read of some Erich Fromm I think you’d appreciate it but glad to see you’re finding inspiration and enjoyment out there 🙂

  12. Weird. I left a comment and it disappeared.

    I absolutely love that first shot – very fitting for your adventure. I haven’t been to the ocean in years. Perhaps sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll follow your excellent reminder to “simply enjoy the moments I am in.”

  13. I belong to an iPhoneography group on Facebook and the quality of the work that’s generated there is tremendous. There’s also a lot of sharing of processing techniques, apps, etc. Although all of us still shoot with our “big-girl/big-boy” cameras, we do almost daily shooting with our iPhones. Processing on the iPad is also done. The only criteria is that the image must be shot on an iPhone AND processed on either the iPhone or iPad. Membership is by invitation only and is capped at 40 people (dunno why, I didn’t make the rules). David, if you’re interested in joining the group to see what it’s about I’d be happy to get you in. Just let me know.

  14. Great reminder to “simply enjoy the moments I am in.” I love that first photo – it just seems so fitting of your adventures. I haven’t been to the ocean in so many years. Hopefully one day soon. In the meantime, I’ll take in the moments of land-locked Colorado, my family, and whatever else rolls my way.

  15. My iPhone is also filling up with images. Well more than my D200 memory cards.

    “Simply enjoy the moments I am in”. That is the best advice for whatever we are doing. After all, might as well have fun whether we are working a job or enjoying a vacation. It’s all time in our life. Might as well enjoy it. 🙂

  16. Yup, the iPhone4 and associated apps are for real. I too have been shooting a TON with it as well. Only one issue… I hate it what someone calls my camera…

  17. I hope you are writing as well. This trip would make a wonderful book for print. I love the e-books, but an adventure like this deserves at least a few hundred pages. Just a thought 🙂


  18. Beautiful…I’m sitting just outside of Cleveland, freezing rain turned to snow last night…your shots and blog are warming me up…just a little!

  19. Very relaxing images, I think I can hear the ocean in some of those shots; I like the framing you used for these also.

    Would love to hear the technique being used to make coffee on the road!

  20. I love your Oregon Coast images. When my wife and I toured there a few years ago, I had just bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel and couldn’t stop often enough to shoot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out why the shutter took 10 seconds to fire. I missed some great shots at Pebble Beach, CA. I’m sure you won’t have that problem. Happy trails.

  21. David
    Love the images. What app are you using for your iPhone pics? Please share.

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