Bandon, Oregon

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We woke this morning to rain again, the shadows of the water beading on the outside of the tent was the first thing I saw. We bundled up and left without coffee,ย  stopping in Bandon, OR, this afternoon to fill up on fish tacos, clam chowder, and a local porter at Tony’s Crab Shack for lunch. We’ll shoot the rocks this evening, and if I have anything to say about it we’ll be back at Tony’s tomorrow. Suspect we’ll stay here two night before moving south for the California border.

I’ve almost given up on shooting with the larger cameras for now. I think I need to just get into a creative rhythm and I’m loving the iPhone for that. I’m shooting with the iPhone then processing with the polaroid preset in the Camera Bag app. Dave Delnea’s working on a series of time lapses, and if y’all play yer cards right there could be an eBook in the works. At least that’s the rumour. The shot above was made as we photographed in the dunes last night. The dunes haven’t exactly overwhelmed me; I’m finding them more full of ATV tracks and footprints than wonder and wildness.

A logging truck was kind enough to throw a rock at Jessie, so we stopped just north of Bandon where Joe kindly patched the windshield before the crack got large and expensive. Then we moved on. The inverter started beeping yesterday, leading me to think the auxiliary battery isn’t charging, so we’ll get that taken care of at some point too, but I’m waiting to find an Interstate dealer with an owner that’s got some time on his hands instead of waiting around a garage all day. The other surprise is the Virgin Mifi which seems to work brilliantly when we’ve got a cell signal, allowing us some convenient internet when we need it; brilliant piece of gear for travelers and easily refilled with cards you can buy at grocery stores and 7-Eleven.

The big dud of the trip is the iPad for which AT&T is happy to supply me a SIM chip but not take anything but a credit card attached to a U.S. mailing address. New Zealand and Iceland and even Africa are easier to deal with on these issues. It’s no big deal, but the folks at the AT&T stores I visited seemed to have zero training about the iPad, which is odd as they’re the only ones in the country to service it. Sigh. So if you’re looking to come to the US and simply slide in a local SIM chip, forget it. Or forget it for now. Might change in the future.

The lighthouse at Bandon. Old, and abandoned now, the only light that shines through those windows is the sun. I’m a huge fan of backlighting and edge-cut suns, and I’ve recently discovered the iPhone gives a really cool lens flare, so expect me to be over-using it anytime soon.

We’re wet but drying out, and we’re loving life on the road. There’s a lot of coffee involved. Jessie’s doing just fine, and with each mile I gain a little more trust in her.


  1. Just wish to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your post is just spectacular and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

  2. … on our travels through the state. The forest was like an incredibly quiet cathedral. We pulled over and were struck by the moutmental stature of the trees, the soft spongy earth under our feet, and the peacefulness of the place. Not far from the road, we found a tree that had fallen and yet was suspended parallel to the forest floor. We pulled out the fruit, cheese and wine, straddled the tree, and ate in complete silence taking it all in. I cherish that memory to this day. Hope you can find the forest. (P.S. Sorry about the fragmentation of this comment!)

  3. On a drive from Seattle to San Fran some years ago, we hugged the coast. Sometime after crossing in to CA, we found ourselves on a barely used road in a red wood forest. We’d picked up fruit in Oregon’s fruit loop (along the Columbia River in NE Oregon, Cheese in Tillamook, and some Oregon wine

  4. one other thing… check with your insurance carrier. I’ve never had to pay for a replaced windshield; it’s covered under the “comprehensive” portion of the policy, with no deductible.

  5. I’ll cast a vote for the the larger camera photos; iPhones are handy but… Well, heck, I’ll cast two votes (I’m from Chicago): the second for good grammar. Good grammar is for good communication, no matter whose blog it is. Think of it as the verbal equivalent of a pic. I mean, a photograph.

  6. You guys still in Bandon or heading south in hopes of better weather? I’m in the same area today anticipating a break from the rain tomorrow.

  7. Author

    Jane – Thank you. But while I’m not sure what you’re referring to in this post, the rule around here is, “my blog, my grammar.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. What Nikon is that in the photo? Don’t seem to recognise it. Not that gear matters… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. i) If only Sony would pull their finger out and bring out some more lenses, I’d recommend the NEX-5
    ii) David, I think you are great – but can you please learn when to use “x and me” instead of “x and I”? (sorry!)

  10. Sounds like great fun. Can’t wait for the contract on my blackberry to expire in about 2 months, so I can get the iphone.

  11. โ€ฆ oh yeah go for low tide off course, then you can walk fro the river mouth south on the beach for several miles, worst case scenario you walk back on the local road along the cliffs.
    Enjoy it!

  12. The reason i used to go to Bandon every other year or so over the last twenty years was not for the dunes rather the incredible beach cliffs and offshore rocks and islands (well bigger rocks) on the south end of town. We stayed at the Windemere mostly though the yurts at Bullard’s Beach State Park are nice as well. From Bandon south to Port Orford is inland driving but fro Port Orford south is amazing. Also before you hit Californis Drive up the Chetko river road, its the last river before CA. All in all one of my favorite parts of the Oregon coast

  13. Love following you. How ’bout stopping by the Dunes in SouthWest Michigan??? I will be more than happy to host you over night or at least point you to a camp spot within our “dunes”!!!

  14. Great post David, I really know now why I use a DSLR instead of an iPhone. On the other hand you don’t need post production for that kind of texture and subdued colours.

  15. Speaking of coffee. Sweet Maria’s in Oakland (of all places) is the center of the universe, nirvana, the shade of the bodhi tree, and the end of the rainbow – all rolled into one for the Coffea Arabica extremist.

  16. David,
    I’m so glad you decided to stop in Bandon. When I arrived there the first time it was pouring rain also. I hope the sun it clears for a few moments so you can wander on the beach just south of there where the rocks and the tide pools are enchanting. And if its been stormy, and the clouds break for a bit of sunshine, the light is amazing! I get the impression from the golfers I know that the only thing impressive about the Bandon Dunes is the golfers mecca called Bandon Dunes… ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

  17. I have to admit I’m a bit of an iPhone 4 photo junkie myself…and then I discovered Hipstamatic, and have so much fun with the different “lenses”, film and effects…it sure is convenient! Looking forward to more blog posts!

  18. iPhonography for the win! Everyone has their favorite camera apps, and my favorites at this time are 100 Cameras in 1 for making really artsy creations, Camera+ for just about everything else (its the Swiss Army Knife of camera apps), & Instagram for quick and awesome sharing. I’m glad to see these shots, David!

  19. Author

    Thanks Greg, might just do that if the weather co-operates. A good bit of sun would be nice but I’m not holding my breath! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. If you want dunes without tracks, head back north about 30 miles to the Umpqua Dunes next to Eel Creek Campground near Lakeside. John Dellenback Trail takes you out to the tallest dunes on the coast and no ATVs allowed.

  21. Thanks for the update David. Was reading about the upcoming relaese of iOS 4.3 on Friday, supposed to give iPhone mobile hotspot capability too. Waiting to see how that will work with my laptop and iPad.

  22. David, I love the texture and subdued colours in that first shot. Very nice. Totally envy the trip you’re on. Keep having fun!

  23. I thought they did away with 7-11 stores..I Hope your Photo Journey continues to go well in your favor…
    Love your IPhone Photos!!

  24. I embarked on a 365 at the beginning of the year only because I decided to do it with the iPhone, otherwise, I would have quit a week in. Interestingly, I am picking up my DSLR more and more often now; I credit the iPhone for making photography fun and making me want to learn more.

    Good to hear the Jessie’s doing alright!

  25. There is a place in that part of the world… so wish I could remember the name and exactly where. Little tiny bakery on the coast side of the 101 – makes THE BEST blueberry creamcheese danishes. They used to have a 3 legged German Shepherd outside. Shoot. Sorry to hear the dunes disappointed. The times I’ve seen them they’ve been pristine looking. Maybe it just depends on where you stop? Keep on chugging!!

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