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Golden Gate Bridge at twilight, Nikon D3s, 24mm tilt-shift lens.

Sitting in the home of a friend in Los Altos, CA this afternoon after a marathon session of “find the $100 part.” Jessie’s been running great but her temperature gauge has been pinned on red since I started this adventure – not usually a good thing. Concurrently my second battery, which was rigged to charge laptops and batteries and iPads, etc, died. So the electricians fixed the battery/electrical issues yesterday after a maddening drive into Hayward via Oakland via My GPS is a Moron, and while they were doing that they noticed an issue with my fan which is why the temp gauge has been spiked. Anyways, blah blah blah. Took phone calls all over the country and across Canada, a bunch of emails and Tweets, and thanks to a couple savvy Twitterers, I found a guy who pointed me to another guy who told me to call a third guy and all three guys know each other (and belong to the same Land Rover cult as I now apparently do) and between us we found the part in New Orleans and it’s en route and should be ready to go when I am back from Chicago this Monday. All part of the adventure!

I’m in Peoria this weekend teaching, then a couple days camping with a friend down the coast. Corwin comes on the 23rd and it’s road trip time again; we head south to Death Valley and then east. Here’s a shot of Jessie bringing down the property values at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in SF. Excited about being back on the road and shooting. It’s been a few days and I’m eager to get back to it!


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  2. Author

    Jeremy, much of my work in Iceland used the tilt/shift, though often used as a straight 24mm lens without making use of either the tilt or shift. It’s a great lens that gives an incredible amount of control over the aesthetic of the image.

  3. Do you use the tilt-shift lens often? I like the image but I can’t ever recall you posting an image similar to the golden gate bridge one. I’d love to experiment with one myself.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you Peoria this weekend! Have been having fun following your adventures on Twitter, too.

  5. I was just out in Dan Francisco a couple of weeks ago and stayed not too far from The Intercontinental. I wish I could persuade you to come through Memphis. You’ve got a place to crash if you do.

  6. Ah, you are in very good hands. Say hello to Frank and Tony for me and drop me a line if you need a hand up here, I’m close by. Best, Tom (photog and land rover enthusiast 😉

  7. David- it was great catching up with you last night. Thanks for taking the time to hang out and talk about this visual language we are all trying to express ourselves in. -Jeremy

  8. David:
    If you are looking for Rover parts check out Rovers North (at appropriately They carry a lot of Rover parts and support a lot of our communities activities.
    Have a good trip, hope to see you in Vermont!

  9. Author

    Thanks, Tom. Jessie is with Frank Cerrone right now, as it happens.

  10. Sorry to hear about Jessie. I am I. Atherton, north of los altos, and while I’m certain there are rover mechanics down there, there is a great LR mechanic in Redwood City called Cerrone”s European. Has a shop defender that is built very well and has done some work on my Disco I. Google them or let me know if you need more info. Good luck, Tom

  11. I’m off to the north part of DV tomorrow. Check out Eureka Dunes and the Race Track.

  12. Nice tilt shift action! Looking forward to the session in Peoria – well worth the 3+ hour drive! 🙂

  13. Nice GG bridge shot! (I cross it twice daily.) Did you tip the cargo ship captain to get him to ferry through at exactly the right time for your shot? ;^)

  14. Peoria?!?!?! How did you get roped into… er, never mind. See you *gulp* tomorrow… in, um, Peoria.

  15. weird to hear you’re in los altos. nobody cool and famous ever says they’re in los altos!

    anyway, good luck with jessie and hope you’re enjoying the bay. sounds like you are.

  16. I have to say, I love the tilt-shift lens and the photos you are taking with it. I also love following you blog! Can’t wait to see/hear more of your adventure this year!

  17. I totally had to laugh about the moronic GPS. Especially having lived in the Bay Area. But without all the groovy technology/social networking, just think where you’d be. Or not. Great shot of Golden Gate. And Jessie. I’d rather hang with Jessie than snooty people any day. LOL!

  18. Hi David, This is great! Looking forward to your trip to Peoria. See you in your upcoming class.


  19. Hey David,

    Glad to know you’re heading to Peoria this weekend. I’m looking forward to your lessons in photography. Think you have time for a drink after, while in P-town?


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