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Over the last week I’ve done podcast interviews with two great guys. The first was with Matt Brandon, a great friend and collaborator. The second was with a new friend, Martin Bailey. Both interviews touch on similar themes and gave me a chance to talk about my accident, the brevity of life, and other topics that gave me a chance to sound off. As always I probably talked too much but that should surprise no one that knows me. Wind me up, let me go, and I seem to talk excessively until the batteries run out.

Anyways, if you’ve got time on your hands, both these gentlemen do great interviews and I can think of worse things than spending an hour with us (I can think of much, much better things too, but these are free, so they bump the other ones out of first place. ) 🙂

Listen to Matt Brandon’s Depth of Field Interview HERE

Listen to Martin Bailey’s Podcast HERE


  1. Listening to the Brandon podcast; I am so moved by your discussion of the fall and what it has meant to you – so far. thank you for the openness, and your gratitude, and your willingness to share where you are… take care, take the time you need, and thank you.

  2. Hi David,

    It is really great to hear a photographer talk about photography the way you do. We all love gear, but the best conversations are still about the photograph itself, our voice and how we express that.


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  4. Hello David, its always good to listen to you… Whether in person or on podcasts, you have always inspired me to look beyond the usual and create great art… as you said… “see with eyes, shoot with heart…”

    Thank you so much.

  5. Some great stuff in these interviews David. I took away that I need to not obsess with my goals (first ebook). I think I have spent too many hours on just one rather than experiment and paint with a broad stroke and try different things. Perhaps I have been held hostage by my goals.

    Finally playing around with a Canon S95 for example just to force me to do things differently.

    Best wishes to Martin for a clean bill of health.

  6. Hi David, I just want to mention, that you are really inspiring for me to go and make my “art” better. Because sometimes I feel like to throw my camera away, when I see, that what I’ve seen in the scene is not shouting from the pics. So thanks and speedy recovery. God bless you. Jarek

  7. Nicely done David! Listening to DigitalTrekker – kinda cool that you can download the podcasts via iTunes and listen to them on an IPod! Now I can’t use this interview as an excuse to not get my walk in! 🙂

  8. David. I hope you are recovering well and that you continue to discover what an inspiration you are to people such as myself. Not only photographically but as a fellow human taking life in stride. Stay well and thank you for all that you do.

  9. Hiya David,

    Great interview with Martin. I think I will have to join your “Not Quite Dead Photographers Society” as I can relate to that. Oh yea my point-and-shoot camera is 5Dmk2 + 24TSE mk2.

    Regards Neil

  10. Hi David, enjoyed your interview with Matt Brandon, I listened to it on the morning train. I really hope you’ll be on your feet later this year, to attend your workshops, even with the help of a stick 🙂 All the best to you in the future, and keep up your good mood !

  11. Forget gear lust. I have radio lust!

    Thanks for the links. Looking forward to listening to the conversations.

    Keep talking! Love hearing from you.


  12. Hi David,

    I was just listening to your conversation with Martin as you tweeted about your next blog post.

    I found your comments about talking about photographers talking about photographs very interesting.

    Too often I’ve had conversations about gear lust or technical questions and not enough about vision or depth in our images, so I’m looking forward to reading the forthcoming eBook you referred to and having some different conversational topics!



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