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Creative Failure: Teacher or Trap?

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In the creative life very few things go the way we expect them to, and I suspect when they do, it’s because we’re not reaching far enough beyond our comfort zone, not risking enough. First steps into any new endeavour—whether that’s learning a new technique or beginning a new body of work—are not the steps that get you to a …

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Show Me Where You’re Brave

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There is a scene in the 2023 Netflix series Kaleidoscope in which the lead character, played by the inimitable Giancarlo Esposito, says to his young daughter, “Show me where you’re brave.” She responds by putting her finger to her head. “Now show me where you’re strong,” he says, and in response, she puts her finger on her heart. I am feeling neither brave …


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This is a short note to long-time readers. It’s unedited and is, simply, a reflection and a thank you. Four years ago on Easter weekend I fell off a wall in Italy and changed my life forever. That I lived at all is wonder enough, but that I now look back on the last 4 years as some of the …

Rehabilitating Art.

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I saw this man in Ethiopia 4 years ago. Kneeling on one leg, missing the other, letting nothing stand in the way of doing what he was there to do. Not the strongest photograph I’ve ever made, but man do I like this guy’s style. I can’t begin to properly tell you how my time in physical rehab is affecting …


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Winston Churchill, by Yousuf Karsh. I love his determination and defiance. The Rehab Centre in Ottawa, in which I am currently imprisoned – I mean, ahem, a resident – has hanging on its walls an amazing collection of large prints by Yousuf Karsh. Karsh has long been one of my favourite photographers, and his influence was one of those that …


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It’s my second full day in physical rehab. Monday was spent doing intake and assessment. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent kicking my ass. I went to bed Tuesday exhausted, but having walked 16 lengths of the gym. Today I did 20. Tomorrow I’ll do more. Before bed this evening I went for a walk around the ward, made the photograph …