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Hi folks. The more rabid among you have already noticed that this September is the first month I’ve missed a wallpaper in, well, I think it’s the first time. Sorry. So much going on, my head is swimming. But read to the end, it’ll be waiting for you.

I was released from The Rehabilitation Centre in Ottawa on Friday morning. I walked out after 4 weeks of beatings, grateful beyond words for the progress and for the support of everyone that reads this blog, or follows my social media streams. Thank you again. I’m not out of the woods just yet. My feet hurt all the time, walking takes a lot of effort, and it’s just going to be a while for my body to re-adjust. Even then I’m told I’ll never get even close to normal range of movement on my right ankle, so I’ll be looking for a way to accomodate that and not limp. Still, so grateful! You’ve been so patient with me over the past 4 months as this blog’s been co-opted by news of the accident and recovery. We probably lost a couple of you when I started writing about bed-pans and enemas. Y’all can come back now. We’re moving forward now.

I got Jessie back from NY a week ago and I love having her back. We’ve been driving around getting some wind through the open windows and miles under the tires. I think she’s been smiling as much as I have. Sadly, I’ll be taking her off the road for about a year. She’s a great truck, but there are some issues preventing her from passing a rigorous safety certification. So it’s a good chance to bring her back to former glory and I’m hoping my Dad and I can do that over the next year: fix her little issues, give her a new carbon-grey paint-job, and then forge a new plan. Until then I plan to resume my travels, and at this point it looks like I’ll be spending much of 2012 in the American west in a sand-coloured 4-door 2011 Jeep JK named Emily. I’ll keep you posted.

The big news, and you may be reading this after the official launch announcement, is that we’re launching the Craft & Vision Community: a subscription-based way to experience Craft & Vision. We’ll be launching really soon. Might even be later today. The idea is simple – it’s a year of great photographic education and inspiration for a one-time price of $89 (that’s the launch special, regular price will be $99). For that you get 12 great new eBooks – and our line-up is getting better all the time – along with exclusive access to a monthly podcast, the C&V Blog, full-time discounts, one free eBook from the store, and you’re automatically entered for a great monthly giveaway. How great? This month it’s a $500 Gitzo carbon fibre tripod. I’m excited about this – it’s a chance to more fuly engage with the great community already building up around the Craft & Vision eBooks. And for those that don’t want to join, your experience doesn’t change. Same great eBooks, same great prices. More info to come.

I head to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand on Wednesday. It’s my first trip since the accident and I’m going into it with a mix of sheer excitement and nervous trepidation.I’m joining Jeffrey Chapman there for Laos & Angkor Within The Frame Photographic Adventure. Psyched.

Photographically Speaking is almost at the printers, wrapping another year of work on something I’ve enjoyed making and am so proud to put my name on. It’ll easily be released, I’m told, by mid-October. Until then, as promised – and neglected – here’s a wallpaper for the month. I’m still hung up on twilight. 🙂

Glenorchy, New Zealand, 2010. Click the image to access the larger 1900×1200 file.




  1. Just something on Books, the paper kind. One of the best books I have read on photography is The Ongoing Moment by Geoff Dyer. A great read on the history of photography, interpretation of some of the great images & the differing styles of many well known Photogs.

  2. David, this comes a little late, given your incident was a while ago but and I’ve deliberated on sharing as its mixed news. I’ve broken bones and smashed up various bits of myself over the years and the reality is, you’re never quite the same afterwards. When you say ‘I may not walk the same again’ it is likely that you won’t, and you’ll get early arthritis in the feet and ankles, and all the compensating mechanic systems will develop slightly weirdly too. BUT, you will walk, and you will run and you will play, and after a surprisingly short amount of time it doesn’t feel like a restriction you’re aware of, the aches in the morning become just part of who you are, the ‘I’m probably not going to become a professional marathon running’ sadness fades as you understand you never really wanted to be one in the first place. Anger, regret and frustration with the hows and whys of the incident soon fade and you’ll (hopefully) be left with the deep seated knowledge that you were and continue to follow your passion and this is just part of that. Afterall, you wouldn’t have fallen off a wall sitting in an office right? Longer term view, small price to pay for a life time of adventure.

    Ok, preaching over, I hope that comes across as positively as I meant it, I’ve personally had a lot of time to reflect on these issues after several serious injuries resulting from my life choices and I think the best possible corse of action is the one you’re taking…’get back on the horse and carry on’
    Good work David.

  3. Belated reaction, but I just wanted to say that I am rather sad that you will be trading Jessie for a brand new 2011 Jeep! The old Jessie had soul and a seemingly minimalist appearance that befitted your new philosophy of less is better.

  4. Happy and safe travels! I am Laotion but I’ve never been to Laos so I hope you take lots of photos! Most people never heard of Laos. They are like “where’s that at?”

  5. You must be thrilled to start your next venture. I wish you great success and hope you come back with lots of wonderful images. Stay strong! You inspire us all!

  6. Hey David … glad to hear you are transitioning out of rehab. Hopefully you will be up and moving like new again soon enough. Thank you for all the inspirational words and images you allow us all to learn from. Keep up the great work.

    I had one questions … I’m not normally a pixel peeper … but I did notice quite a few red dots in the “wallpaper of the month” image (mainly in the mountains a few in the water) … just wondering if that is from the camera lens (bad pixels) or from the image compression … again, just wondering … still love the image, as always – inspiring.

  7. David, that’s lots of exciting news all around. Great to hear about the progress with walking, I know that with your determination you will continue to progress whether over days, months, or even years.
    Also that is exciting news about C&V.

  8. Glad to hear it went well. I live in Niger, and after ordering your last book in March it FINALLY arrived yesterday!
    So the big question I have been wondering…did you have a camera with you when you fell? And if so, did it shatter into a 1000 sad pieces? Just curious!

  9. Glad to hear of your progress man! I think it says a lot about your character, the fact that you got from where you were to where you are.

    Are you still planning Ethiopia at the end of the year?

  10. Congrats on graduating from rehab! Another big step ( 🙂 )forward. Heading to Asia also means heading to lands where massages are cheap and good – and very theraputic. After a day of standing, weight-bearing and balancing and when your feet are really hurting, head for the nearest foot washing place and have the masseurs take away some of the pain and add a bit more flexibility!

    I’m looking to join the community – It’s 16 cups of cappucino I can do without!

  11. Hi David, I’m on crutches at the moment [hopefully temporarily, hopefully not serious] and it has really given me a new found respect for people who need to use them long term.

    Congratulations on leaving rehab, I’m glad things are looking up and I look forward to meeting Emily. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the wallpaper, I love this one!’s like a beacon ..very meaningful.

    Can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished while you’ve been recovering!! much to be thankful for & look forward to. Can’t wait to see what you discover as you walk with new feet & see with a fresh perspective. SAFE travels!

  13. Congratulations, David. Truly well done. Here’s wishing you fair winds and following seas.

  14. I’m really happy to hear that you can walk again, that you’re going to travel and explore our planet again, David!

    The Craft and Vision community sounds really great, although there is no way I will be able to join due to it’s price. Going to college won’t give me money to spare. I understand that the new craft-and-vision blog will be available for subscribers only, but does this also mean that we won’t get to read your inspiring posts anymore? Does this mean the end of this blog? Posts like ‘Begin.’ and ‘Art and Risk’ have been very inspiring and encouraging to me. I reread them regularly to reload my creative batteries. I would really regret not being able to read you’re encouraging posts anymore.

    Anyway, Have fun in Asia! I’m looking forward to new, breathtaking photographs!

  15. Congrads on graduating from rehab! Your progress has been remarkably quick for the type of injuries sustained and is a testament to your commitment to life and stubbornness to not fail….both of which are virtues to be sure.

    I wish safe travels abroad and remember that you will always be at increased risk for DVT after sustaining one following your accident. One of the greatest risk factors for DVT remains extended air travel…don’t sit anywhere too long!

  16. As an eager follower of your blog posts and the latest C&V releases, the community sounds great! However, as some have said, I am not sure that my meager funds can accomodate joining you at this time. Maybe the special price could stay around until Christmas when it could be my “big” gift?

  17. David,
    I am happy to hear that you are doing so much better and that you are looking forward to your next adventures.

    I know that you will miss Jessie but you might be pleasantly surprise with Emily. Last year I purchase a 2010 4 door jeep and I love it to death. Have fun.

  18. Glad to hear of your physical progress. I kind of know how it feels when I had major shoulder surgery, but not the kind of experience with feet. May you continue to progress! Hopefully we can meet at some future point in Vancouver. Blessings!

  19. The C&V Community sounds fantastic as does your recovery … a lot to be thankful for now. Congrats on your continued progress and your indomitable spirit. Safe journey.

  20. Wow! The C&V Community idea sounds great. On the one hand, it’s just one more thing taking a hit on my meager photography funds, but on the other hand, the value and the quality of the teaching and whatnot make this one worth doing. Mostly, I appreciate your endeavors to find great ways to give back and to share your experience with this community you’ve built up around your words and your images.

    Congrats on your relative mobility, your future plans, and your opportunity to be with students, doin’ what you love. Just know that you are in a great many people’s prayers.

    The September photograph: It’s a beautiful one! If I could offer up the teansiest of nitpicks, though, I would ask for a 27″ iMac-sized image. Purely selfish, and not all that important, but man, your photographs look amazing at 2560 pixels!

    Tell us more about this Emily girl…

  21. David, I’m so glad to hear about your recovery and saddened by the ongoing pain. It really is amazing how one moment in time can have such dramatic effects! I must say that I am impressed and encouraged by your positive attitude and forward thinking despite all the setbacks. I wish you the best on your trip to Southeast Asia and look forward to connecting during your Southwestern journey.
    My best,

  22. Ha, ha! If anyone could “lead” bed pans it would be you! But for now let’s start with leaving bed pans behind!!!

    Happy trails,

  23. Hey there,
    I am smiling and humming “On The Road Again” in your honor!

    Glad you are leading those bed pans behind and heading East, no West, ok anywhere and everywhere. Perfect September image of the month to celebrate the freedom of the road.

    Your Jesse story reminded me of a beautiful Korean film I saw on Asiana Airlines (live that airline). It was about an old farmer and his attachment to his cow who was his companion working the fields. The bond of love the man felt was deep. Some tried harping, others tried reason, but none could convince him to sell of the old cow and pocket the meager profit. It was true love. Yup, that film touched the heart just like you, your tales of Jesse, and your adventures do!

    Forget about a late wallpaper! Any day we get a post from you is a good day.

    And drink some Beer Lao for me on your Laos, Cambodia, Thailand visit. Wish I could be there to loudly lobby for the unofficial but official, optional but mandatory, guilty pleasure without guilt, daily
    massage for David and friends!

    Looking forward to that Craft & Vision subscription.


  24. Great to see you back “in the wild”! I wish you full recovery as far and quick as possible. Can’t wait to see this subscription thing.

  25. Dear Friend, “My feet hurt all the time.” Ouch. Constant pain takes a toll. As an active aging disabled person who’s been remarkably pain-free except after fractures and who’s acquiring a more regular assortment of aches and discomforts, I know about that toll. I also know, which you may not yet, that not everything needs doing or doing well. (Winston Churchill was the first one to suggest this to me in a marvelous little book called “Painting as a Past-Time.”) Cut yourself some slack. If you’re a perfectionist, put some of that energy into a beneficently indulgent self-care. If you already know this, take these Mother Hennish recommendations with a grain of sugar and a grain of salt–along with great good wishes for your first big outing. Warmly, Lynn Park

  26. I wish you well on your upcoming adventure in SE Asia – you’re visiting some of my favourite countries. Take it easy on all those temple steps!

    So pleased to hear about 2012 too. Another of my favourite parts of the world. You can easily spend a year there and not see it all.

    Good luck, David.

  27. Great news, David. It’s been humbling to watch the grace with which you’ve faced and dealt with it all. I pray I’m half as dignified should something similar befall me.

  28. Love hearing the healing process…sorry about Jessie (perhaps she is sympathetic to your injuries) and love the idea of the community. Wish I could afford it, but on a a part time teacher’s salary, not gonna happen.

  29. Great to hear you up and about and getting back out there again. Best wishes from England.

  30. Hi David,
    Great to ‘see’ you moving in the right direction: photography and travel. Get inspired and show us some great images.

  31. David, glad to hear about your release from Rehab – continued best wishes with this going forward.
    Looking forward to learning more about this C&VC proposition (sounds really good!) and eagerly awaiting for my pre-ordered ebook of ‘Photographically Speaking’ to be available for download from my PeachPit account 🙂

  32. So glad to hear you’ve been released from rehab and that you continue to make great progress!

  33. So glad to hear how much progress you’ve made and that you’re moving ahead full tilt again. It’s wonderful all that hard work in rehab has worked. Safe travels!
    oh, and the wallpaper photo is gorgeous.

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