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Last week I got a call from FedEx in Vancouver. They tried to deliver the first copies of Photographically Speaking to an address I’ve not lived in for 9 months. Sigh. Getting the first copies of a new book – I mean literally the first two copies off the press – is a thrill and I’m a little sad I’m not there to get them. But it means – and this is the point – the book is out and within days now some of you should be getting first copies!! I can’t wait for you to have it in your hands, though there’s a good chance now that some of you will see it before I do, which seems a little unfair. πŸ™‚

If you get the book, I wonder if you’d do me a favor and share. I’ve got three ideas how you can do that.

1. Share with me.
Would you let me know you got it? I’d love to see its progress as deliveries happen. It’s a thrill to see people around the world pick up something you’ve worked so hard on.

2. Share with the World!
If you enjoy the book, would you help me out by telling the world? If you have a blog or use Facebook or Twitter would you point people to the book on Amazon? Would you consider writing an enthusiastic, but helpful and honest, review and posting it on Amazon? These reviews are so helpful and they help offset the occasional rants and weird personal attacks. No need to write a novel, or undue praise, just a short comment and honest rating would be great. Thanks in advance. While you’re at it, feel free to do that for any of the other books you’ve read, by me or any other author – it’s a small thing but it means a great deal to us.

3. Share with your Community.
If you’ve got a few extra shekels, would you consider donating a copy to your local library? There are a lot of students that would benefit from this book but library budgets get tighter and tighter every year. I’d love to know people can read my books and never pay a penny to do so.

If you don’t have a few extra shekels, but you know a student or struggling photographer that could use a copy and can’t afford one, would you please leave a comment below and tell me about them? You can use first names only, or change names to protect the innocent, I just want to pass along some love. I’m going to ask Peachpit, my publisher, to send 20 copies to photographers that simply can’t afford them. We’ll select them, and then send the copy to you to deliver in person. Cool?

Where Within The Frame was sometimes perceived as just a book about travel photography, Photographically Speaking is for everyone. It addresses the most fundamental stuff of our craft – photographs themselves. It talks about the language of photographs and how an understanding of the visual language can make our images stronger. My hope is that you find this book important enough to you to share with others.

You can find Photographically Speaking on HERE, and if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a brief intro video to the book HERE. Anyways, book’s almost here. Thanks, as always for your support.


  1. Whey hey! My copy of this great book arrived in Beijing – Finally! Via amazon UK and the diplomatic bag, what a posh way to reach your final destination πŸ™‚

  2. Mine arrived (in Sydney) a few days ago. Almost forgot. Keen to read it, but have about 4 or 5 books in the queue ahead of it right at the moment (including Visionmongers, which I’m part way through; I should just read 1 thing at a time – just too eager to read & learn new stuff {sigh}). Might make it a Christmas holiday read. πŸ˜‰

  3. Just finished “Photographically Speaking” Excellent….again!
    This is the review that I am putting on Amazon
    “Another excellent segment in the duChemin library of photographic inspirationals. This is someone who not only “gets it” but is more than willing to share it… and pulls it off with an entertaining style of prose and a poetic style of photography.”

  4. Hi David! I am the old school type so although I have quite a few ebooks form the Vision & Craft stable, I was thrilled when I received a conventional book,”Photographically Speaking”, today. I am currently through the final pages of Walter Issacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, who died of cancer. Your dedication to Barbara who also succumbed to cancer has ensured that I will remain mindful of the evanescence of life while I read your book, reminding me to hurry up my photographic ambitions into real action. Hope your book will help me do that.

  5. Winnipeg, MB

    I received my preordered copy from Amazon a couple days ago. I couldn’t put it down and am already through it. I’m heading up north to Churchill to photograph polar bears and northern culture in a couple weeks and feel equipped to take better pictures after reading this book.

    Thanks David.

  6. I got my copy of Photographically Speaking yesterday (I won it during one of your Peachpit interviews), and I’m gobbling it up! Thanks for your incredible way with words, David. Be safe in Mexico. No wall climbing!!

  7. I’m looking forward to reading this one and am waiting for my copy to arrive in the post. All your other stuff has been superb.

  8. My shipment from Amazon to the Netherlands is espected to arive 31 october. Looking forward to it!

  9. Author

    Thanks to all of you for the kind words. Trust you enjoy the book. I’ve finally had the courage to crack it and take a long, coffee-fueled look at it. So much of it was written while I was recovering from the accident that I had some rough memories associated with the material, but am I ever thrilled with the way the final book looks. If you read it and love it and would recommend it to your friends, I’d be grateful for an Amazon review or some other word-of-mouth loving. Anyways, enjoy. And thank you so much for the support. πŸ™‚

  10. I pre-ordered a copy on Amazon a while ago and they emailed me 2 days ago to say it’s shipped. ETA (to Australia): 1st December. Nice Christmas present to myself. πŸ˜€

    I had taken a bit of a break from photography books and was re-reading several of my novel series, but I have recently been getting through some of the plethora of eBooks I’d bought on Craft & Vision, and I have a copy of Vision Mongers on my bed-side table waiting for me to launch into it (I read Within The Frame a couple years ago & have been following your blog & work for a few years).

    Love your work mate. Respect. Keep it up, and I pray you’ll have a blast on your Emily Adventures.

    “Saddle up your horses we’ve got a trail to blaze
    Through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace
    Let’s follow our leader into the glorious unknown
    This is a life like no other – this is The Great Adventure”
    ~ Steven Curtis Chapman

  11. Hi David,
    Congratulations on the new book. Hope you have completely recovered from the fall ! Being a doctor (who just finished undergraduate training), all I can say is I can understand.

    Coming to the reason I’m writing this is that I’m short of shekels at this moment and would like your book very much.
    Kindly check out my work at and only if you consider that my work could be improved with your advice, let me know if I’m worth it.
    I would be really, really grateful.


  12. Just got this today from Amazon:

    We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order. Your order is being shipped and cannot be changed by you or by our customer service department.

    Your estimated delivery date is:
    October 21, 2011

  13. Speaking of library copies of books, I just wanted to let readers know I was able to read two of your three past books by getting them (through my local library) from other cities on inter-library loan. (This is in ON, Canada; not sure if it works the same in other provinces or countries.) It’s definitely worth it to ask your library if they can do this for you if you otherwise wouldn’t have access to these books! I do have several of your e-books now that I was able to purchase with birthday money, etc. I’m hoping your third book and this new one will be available through inter-library loan eventually too!

  14. WOW, my copy arrived today and nothing else has happened in this house today, except my reading your book. It is as extraordinaire as all of the other ones. Thank you so much for sharing your expression of intent, vision and continual inspiration with all of us.

  15. Author

    Frederic and Rob-L – Enjoy it! πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear what you think once you’ve had a chance to digest it.

  16. w00t! My copy of “Photographically Speaking” is arriving today from Amazon. It’s a good Monday!

  17. Amazon just updated my delivery date and I should be receiving your book Wednesday. I CAN’T WAIT: really looking forward to delve into it!

  18. Author

    JInJ – Thanks. I think this is less a follow-up to Freeman’s excellent texts, but a different way of discussing similar issues. Freeman can get a little too academic for many of my readers. Photographically Speaking is a different conversation about parallel issues. “Follow-up” implies that I’m adding to his already excellent discussion and I’m not sure that’s at all accurate. Still, I’d like to think it might be πŸ™‚

  19. “Photographically Speaking” looks like a worthy follow-up to Michael Freeman’s fundamental texts on photographic design from over 2 decades ago. It’s about time something like this appeared! It probably had to wait for someone like David duChemin who has both the vision and the wordsmithing ability. 20 copies? I know someone who has been waiting for this and will be delighted with just one! Contact me…

  20. Author

    Mitesh – In the case of this portrait I think you’ve exposed it really well. Generally, if you plan to use Lightroom or Photoshop to further develop your work, you want the most amount of plasticity in your files, so you expose to the right to get the most amount of data. Only the histogram from the original exposure can tell me that. But your finished portrait is beautifully exposed in such dramatic light.

  21. David – it sort of does, I was asking because I recently took some portraits of my granddad and I was unsure as to whether I should over-expose and under-expose. His face is so full of characater, anway I suppose it depends on taste.

  22. Hey David,

    One photograpghic question I often struggle with is in Lightroom/Photoshop how do I know when I need to expose or under-expose the image? In Vision and Voice (Waiting on allah) you overexposed the image? Why was that? How do I know when to overexpose or underexpose an image? Is it to capture a feeling?

  23. Quote from email received this morning:
    “We regret to inform you that your order will take longer to fulfill than originally estimated. Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay obtaining stock for the following items you ordered on September 06 2011.

    David DuChemin “Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images (Voices That Matter)”

    We are awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information.

    If you would prefer to cancel the item, please visit Your Account on the link below:”


  24. Amazon sent me update today. delivery date moved up a week. now expected 10/21. yay!

  25. Coming up as a “pre-order” on Chapters/Indigo in Canada. Says, “awaiting shipment.” Me too! Very excited. Congratulations on having it out there.

  26. Author

    Sweet, thanks for the update, Tom. I just got my own copies and I’m so excited to see it in person. πŸ™‚

  27. This is what I got from Amazon…..


    We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on October 12 2011 (Order# 105-0562702-1307436). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

    David duChemin “Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images (Voices That Matter)”
    Previous estimated arrival date: October 28 2011 – November 02 2011
    New estimated arrival date: October 21 2011 – October 26 2011

  28. I just got an email this morning from Amazon stating the delivery date for the book is now October 19 2011. I had pre-ordered it back in July and I’m not sure if they’re fulfilling by original order date or not. Either way, it looks like it’s beginning to roll out!

  29. …available for download on (germany, austria) on october 23rd!

    greetings from austria!

  30. David sounds like another great book. As my high-school photo teacher said welcome you rich students” then he went on that photography is a costly craft so we must be the ones with money.

    I guess I would fall into that small group is not ordering it due to tight funds.

  31. David,
    Nice gesture to give some copies away to those who can’t afford them.

    I have it pre-ordered, but still waiting for it…..

  32. I pre-ordered this book a long back on Amazon, waiting anxiously to get my hands on it..will write the reviews and feedback when done reading. David – thanks for sharing this knowledge , like it is said “Let there be light “

  33. Have it pre-ordered from Amazon. I’d download to my Kindle, but your books are the type that need to be held and paged through slowly, so the e-book version doesn’t work as well for me πŸ™‚

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  35. Mine’s due 10/27.

    I love your commitment to libraries and students. Trust me, alas, each of your prior books has been read by many other folks in my circles. perhaps some of my friends will really buy their own this time!

  36. David – Photographically Speaking looks excellent…wishing you much success with this new book.

  37. I received “Within the Frame” in Beijing last week (from Amazon UK) but I am not allowed to open it until my birthday in a few days. Waiting is torture! In the meantime I enjoy revisiting all the other e-books (on ‘Vision is Better’ at the moment). I am ordering Photographically Speaking for Christmas now! Best wishes, David

  38. I just asked my local library (Ottawa, Canada) to order it. Hope they do!

  39. Hey David – what is that address in Vancouver? I might just run over and pick up the books from the doorstep!!! Seriously I can hardly wait – will be watching for Andrea’s update.

  40. I just checked Amazon Germany/Austria: not available yet! But I put it on my wishlist already πŸ™‚

    Kind regards from Austria

  41. For all Canadians ordering on I will be assisting in getting it shipped as quickly as possible. I will post an update on twitter @ptgcanada or @andrealg.

    I am personally looking forward to reading this myself.

    Andrea Gimblett
    Sales & Marketing Coordinator
    PTG Canada

  42. Hey david, this is a tad bit un-fair the Kindle price is a lot more expensive than the paperback version on So annoying, otherwise I’ve would have downloaded it.

  43. Will add this book to my set and start the sharing as soon as I can but depending Air Canada, I’ll be traveling when it arrives and will not see it until Nov 15th.

  44. Congratulations David! I can imagine the wonderful feeling you must have seeing months of work finally bear fruit. This is the first of your books I’ve actually preordered. Discovering your first publication Within The Frame really was an important stepping stone for my photography, as I was just starting out, and definitely took it to a higher level. The inspiration you have since given through your blog has been of equally high value to me, and so, I’m really looking forward to another inspirational and worth-while read with Photographically Speaking. Thank you.

  45. Just checked Peachpit for the e-book version that’s coming out on the 13th oct πŸ™‚ Yay πŸ™‚ I’m so looking forward to it ’cause I’m pretty sure, there’s a ton to learn inside like in the previous books. I only have the e-books because we tend to move house/country every year and my hubby doesn’t appreciate my book fetish when it comes to moving πŸ˜› hehe but as soon as we’re settled, I’m getting the hard copies too πŸ™‚ These books have helped me a lot to improve my photography and the way I think about photography. I’m still nowhere near where I want to be but I’m getting there a lot faster with your help, David πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!!

  46. A friend of mine let me borrow your 2 of your incredible books and absolutely gave me inspiration to continue striving for photographic excellence. Thank you for writing a book that felt more like a conversation than a stuffy “how-to” book! A friend of mine, Anna, who is trying to get started and has such a passion for photography would so benefit from a copy of your book. I am buying it the second it hits the shelves, but I’d love to see her take your words and transform them into photographs. Just thought I’d let you know that I love your work and thanks πŸ™‚

  47. David I will do everything I can and you ask to make this book a success. You have a great track record of inspiring books that have made my photography so much more thoughtful.

  48. Can’t wait David. Every time I read a book of yours it seems to open up a new world I didn’t even know existed. Thank you.

  49. WOW David I am SO envious of all these photographers that already have their hands on copy of your new book ! I am hoping to find mine under Christmas Tree. Maybe you will be my Santa ?

  50. I will wait for the Amazon Kindle version which has been posted to be released on 10/23 and save a few trees, πŸ˜‰ Eagerly looking forward to your tome!

  51. Currently reading “Within the Frame” and “Vision & Voice” and I can’t wait to finish these to jump straight into this new release. Congratulations Dave, on the book and a speedy recovery.


  52. I’m so excited to receive my copy. Gonna have to wait until Oct. 28, 2011 – Nov. 2, 2011 – darn you Amazon!

  53. Thanks so much for continuing to inspire us to see the world with true vision and not just with the gear we bring to our eye. I have enjoyed your writing, your teaching, and your wit.

  54. The Kindle version is available for purchase and download on the Amazon website right now.

  55. It’s on pre-order. Estimated delivery date 10/27. Really looking forward to it!

  56. Hi David,

    I actually just finished your other book ‘Visionmongers’ and thoroughly enjoyed it, and I did email you my thanks to you which Corwin replied to me, so just I just thought I’d mention it here too, loved the book, very useful and nice and easy going, thanks again – I look forward to the next book!


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