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We’ve been floating now for something like 5 days, but I haven’t looked at a calendar. Time here passes very differently, in part because the light just sticks around for so long, and in part because so much of this incredible landscape blends into each other after a while. So much beauty is almost overwhelming. I woke this morning to a cold morning, adrift in a sea of white ice, pulled the covers over my head and went back to bed. I’m still there waiting for the wake-up call and the motivation to pull on the wool and fleece and go find coffee. At the risk of oversaturating you with these vast landscapes, here’s another from a day or two ago. Click the image to see it a little larger.

Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure. I’ve read all the comments and emails, forgive me for not replying. Bandwidth and time are in short supply.

I’ll give you three guesses about January’s Desktop Wallpaper. 🙂


  1. David,

    Wow that’s a fantastic shot as well as the other ones you’ve posted from the Antarctica trip. Looking forward to see more when you’re back!

  2. Just one word – stunning…no, gorgeous…no, breathtaking…no, beautiful…Nothing seems to quite express how beautiful this is…better to just say it is breathtakingly stunningly beautifully gorgeous. Yeah, that’ll do.

  3. This is so inspiring David. If I was younger I would change my plans of what I want to do with my life!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love, love, love that you can share such beauty with us! What an amazing trip this must be for you. Enjoy every minute of it!

  5. I so want the penguins for the January wallpaper! I suspect though we are getting one of your icebergs which by the way are absolutely gorgeous photos!

  6. Wow, seems pretty magical David! Am really looking forward to your next images… savor each surreal exploration! Some of us are having to live vicariously through you for now 🙂

  7. Almost feels like we are right there in the chill with you… actually living in Winnipeg we might be pretty close on some days…

  8. Weird, you’re blogging more often & consistently from Antarctica than you do when you’re in civilization. You must love spending $100 a MB on internet or something.

  9. Lovely, moody image above.

    I can’t imagine you are the only photographer(vocational or not) on this tour. I am curious to know how the other photographers “see” the Antarctic, as well. Any chance you have any stories or links?

  10. Hi David. Thank you for sharing your adventure with all of us. I can only imagine the awe-inspiring feeling your current surroundings much bring… being at the end of our planet. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing your latest photographs. I’m a big fan of your beautiful compositions and your very clear way of expressing yourself. Very inspirational. Have a safe journey.

  11. This series of postcards is a special pleasure. I am loving these magnificent landscapes more than I can say. Thank you! Take care and continue enjoying every moment to the full.

  12. I am so jealous. I was there last year and would love to be back there again. It is beyond words, but you go a long way to making me feel that I am there again. Thanks for sharing.

  13. David, thanks for continuing to share all of this with us. The shots are so beautiful. It’s a humble reminder both of how big, beautiful, and diverse our planet is and how small we are in the scope of it.

  14. Thx David. Posts are blowing my mind. Images are truly awe inspiring. Stay well young man 🙂

  15. Hi David,

    I have been so lucky to work several years as guide and zodiac driver on different ships doing exactly the same trips as you are on right now. I feel very priviledged to have had the chance to see the beauty of Antarctica not only once, but many times. But at the same time – especially regarding my photography- I feel the more often I went down there, the more difficult it got to appreciate the beauty of it. Somehow it became almost “business as usual”. Well, all I actually wanted to say is that I thoroughly enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your blog, as it gets me back in the mood when I saw Antarctica for the first time myself. Thank you very much, very well done!

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