Antarctica – Crabeater Seals

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One quick postcard before leaving the Iceberg Graveyard in which we’ve spent the morning chasing ice and seals and dodging a blizzard. The seals were tough, but not for the usual reasons. Most of the time wildlife runs away or buggers off. Not here. Here they just don’t give a damn and it’s all you can do to get them to open their eyes or lift their heads. I came close to throwing snowballs at these seals, just to get their attention. I’m not proud of it, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. 🙂 (Kidding about the snowball…mostly.)


  1. I would really hope this is going to be January wallpaper. I absolutely love this image, it is my favorite from your Antarctica trip yet. The blues of icebergs are indeed too saturated, too blue. This image is toned. It’s white- I love winter. It’s serene. The landscape in the back is perfectly out-of-focus and fogged not to distract, but give a sense of place.

  2. Days later I’m asking myself why I typed “sea lions” and not “seals”. I blame the caffeine.

  3. Just loving all your posts about Antarctica. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  4. Beautiful! When you have time to reply to a couple of these comments, I’d be curious to hear how much time you have for shooting. Are you feeling a bit rushed by the movements of your group or does the experience allow you all the time you need to get the shots you want?

  5. What you didn’t see is that when you left, the sea lions resumed their snowball fight.

    Can’t go interrupting nature’s need to frolic in the snow, David. That’s just wrong. ;-P

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