Antarctica in Black & White

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Today was a blast. We spent the morning in “the Iceberg Graveyard” and the afternoon on Petermann Island. The afternoon landing was incredible. Easily the most beautiful landing so far. I brought only my 300/2.8 lens with me, which turned out to be a mistake, but I made some fun penguin portraits before returning to the ship to swap my 300mm for a 16-35 lens and and do some landscapes. Here, because so many of you seem to like penguins as much as I do, are a couple more in the series I’m working on.

Petermann Island is the furthest point south on this adventure. We’re currently heading north towards the Drake Passage and while we hope to land again tomorrow, it’s all dependant on weather, which has not been in our favour. This is likely the last postcard you’ll get from me before I’m back home, and that might take a few days. I’ll do what I can to get one more postcard out before the journey is over. Thanks for joining me, it’s been really fun getting these out to you and reading your comments.


  1. thank you david for the (expensive) posting of all these stunning and fun images – almost like being there with you (i wish :-))

  2. Hi David, I am loving your images. They are inspirational and your commentaries are entertaining as well. Great work!

  3. Antartica! And what wonderful images and so soon after the “wall” incident….

    I’ve said it before, you are a tough little bugger…and I say that with the greatest admiration.

    Way to go David and keep those wonderful images coming.

  4. Beautiful images again David! It has been amazing and a privilege to be on your journey with you through your images. Thank you so much for making the time and effort! Safe travels back.

  5. You could give us nothing but penguin postcards and I’d be quite content. Love these! Good thing I’m not along for the ride, I’d be tempted to smuggle one on board and bring it home! 😀

  6. That second image is brilliant, David! Love that the penguins are moving away from each other. However, I must say, it almost reminds me of a rorschach test. 🙂

  7. We just had a conversation around the dinner table about these penguins. One of the kids has a stuffed penguin “pengu” and his bedtime story is usually centered around some adventure that he has with “pengu”. Tonight- they are singing and ice skating 🙂

  8. just as well they have their black tuxes, otherwise they would disappear into nothingness.

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