Half Moon Island

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We spent this morning on Half Moon Island after our first peaceful night off the Drake Passage. We woke to gorgeous light and just after 8am were in Zodiacs bouncing to shore. People keep asking me what I most want to photograph, and at this point I still don’t know. A new place like this is a little like a first date, there’s a getting-to-know-you time that’s needed, a chance to let this place tell me who she is and what she’s about. To jump off the boat and start shooting is a little like meeting someone new and talking too much. You need to give her a chance to speak. And in the case of the antarctic, what she’s saying is serene and infused with light.

I’m not gonna lie, the shore landings are rough on my feet. If you’ve seen a penguin hopping and waddling around, you’ll have a sense of what I look like, though arguably less adorable. But shooting from the zodiacs is amazing, floating in slow circles around the massive blue-white ice is like a dream.

This afternoon we headed to Deception Island and explored the old whaling station, rusted and abandoned, and finished the day with a polar bear swim and some vodka. It wasn’t pretty. Or warm. But while the hypothermia is temporary, the glory is forever. 🙂 What a day!


  1. If the $1.50 a mb is too much send the pictures and send me the bill…this is great. (within reason of course)

  2. Amazing pic David as usual, but just one question you said “finished the day with a polar bear swim”.. but there are polar bear in antarctica?


  3. Gorgeous image David. I apologize for being absent for so long but it’s been a busy few months. Glad to see that you’re on the mend and enjoying the winter.

    If you get too cold up there fly down to Texas for a few days.


  4. I don’t think you are lucky David. You used up your current quota of luck surviving the fall in Italy. Since then it has been sheer determination. From shattered bones to Antartica; this photograph marks a moment in your journey of recovery. It speaks more than words…but keep the words coming 😉

    All credit to you!

  5. David,
    This photograph is simply amazing!!! There’s certain mood to it… I can’t really explain, but I love the photo! Thank you for sharing it.

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