Postcard from Antigonish, NS

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Coastal Nova Scotia.

A quick hello from a very snowy east coast of Nova Scotia. We’re in Antigonish tonight and tomorrow head for Cape Breton. So far I think we’re the only tourists in the entire province. Everything is closed and it’s been nearly impossible to track down a lobster dinner. It’ll be even harder as we travel north, as restaurants and hotels are few and far between, all of them closed for the season. Even pulling over to the side of the road is tough, everything’s so covered in snow. Emily, the Jeep, handles it without complaint, though I’m erring on the side of conservative because the folks that might otherwise drive by and pull me from a ditch are also few and far between. Probably sitting with the owners of the hotels on a beach in Cancun right now.

Love it here. So beautiful. Tonight as we drove into Antigonish the snow was coming down hard, sticking to the trees, and making this place, at least for me, tonight, the most beautiful place on earth. Next stop Cape Breton.


  1. Author

    Nate, yes, it’s intentional, but not because of printing. I just like the ratio of the frame on a 4:5 for many of my images lately. Mostly it’s a self-imposed constraint, but I find it a little more elegant than a 2:3 aspect ratio.

  2. I, too, recommend a stop at the Glen Breton distillery. East side of Cape Breton island near Glenora.

  3. Enjoy Cape Breton! Even in winter it is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. I might be bais since I grew up there, but it truly is a amazing place.

  4. Very cool, I love seeing some spots from my home province! I went to uni at X. If you change your plans and cross the gulf to Newfoundland let us/me know ahead of time. I have some more of the eastern hospitality for you.

  5. So how is it in the most beautiful place on earth today?

    Looking forward to what you see.

    Take Peter up on his offer. You’re kindred spirits

  6. A great warm community of commenters here always. Love your visions of my side of the world David- I was hoping to ask you in person, but now I’ll ask you here: I’ve noticed since I started printing for myself, that you often enjoy using a more traditional 4×5 crop ratio to show your images and was wondering if that is a decision relating to printing as most papers are only available in 4×5 ratio or if that is simply a decision you’ve made for aesthetic reasons? Looking forward to more great east coast images, keep safe and inspired sir! -Nate from Maine.

  7. I’d take Peter up on his offer! He’s not just an avid photographer he IS a photographer, a truly talented one! Plus, if he’s offering Scotch and lobster I’d go for it. Maybe beer though, Scotch and lobster just sounds wrong. Safe travels!

  8. Hi David!
    I’m in Halifax. If you come back here, I would LOVE to take you guys around:) So much to see and do. Excited that you are here in lovely Nova Scotia!
    Cheers, Shelagh 443-3355

  9. Author

    Thanks Peter, that’s maritime hospitality at its finest! Taking time to find my hotel and invite me personally is just the step beyond! 🙂 If we’ve got the time after Cape Breton, we’d love to join as we swing back through.

  10. David, I’m an avid photographer in Antigonish. Here’s an offer: we have a spare room, lobster in the freezer (better than none!) and would love to have you stay with us & talk a bit of shop. P.S. some good Scotch too!

    Call me if possible 863-4626 or 318-0058


  11. My Mom was born in Port Morien, Glace Bay but I`ve never been there. If you make it there I`ll keep an eye out for photos 🙂 Happy Jeep trails! 🙂

  12. I visited in late October 2008… and everything closes up on the Cabot Trail… so plan to overnight at one end or the other… or Louisbourg/Sydney

  13. I envy you. I love it there. Have not been in a number of years. Enjoy the wonderful sights and keep sharing them with us. God bless your journey.

  14. If you can fit it in, a trip to Glen Breton will be worth your time while you are ‘in the neighborhood’.

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