Postcard from Peggy’s Cove, NS

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Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Since you last heard from me I’ve had a chance to take all the new information in, and figure out my new plan since I can’t – until I can prove I’ve got an “unrelinquished address” – travel through the USA as I had planned. The issue is not that I don’t have a mailing address, or even proof that I have an address; the issue is that I can’t prove, to the satisfaction of the fine folks at the border, that I plan to return to Canada, and since I can, and do, work from anywhere in the world, and have an American girlfriend, they suspect I want to move south of the 49th, which is only partly hysterical to me.  So after some digestion, there’s a new plan.

I’m spending the next week or two in Nova Scotia, photographing and exploring and generally embracing this new adventure. And then I point Emily west and we drive to Vancouver with all haste. If it was spring or summer we’d go more slowly, but I have to tell you I’m not keen on camping for a month across a cold snow-bound, park-closed, Canada. I was planning to move back to Vancouver towards the end of the year, now I’ll do it sooner. And once I’ve got lease-papers and moved in, I’ll head back to the United States of America and do the travel and photography I had planned through the west for most of this year.

Until then I’ve got a spectacular province to explore and if this morning’s breakfast of lobster eggs benedict was any indication, I’ve got some seafood to enjoy too. Thanks to everyone for the “OMG’s” and “WTFs” and other support and offers of help; it makes me even more sure that you’re all the best internet community on the planet.

Gotta run, time to head back to Peggy’s Cove for one last evening of shooting before we head north towards Cape Breton tomorrow morning. Talk soon!


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog after seeing your Emily: Jeep Geek’s post on FB…and boy, am I glad I did. Like Dezra, I’m inspired by your adventure. Last year, my dad, whom I love dearly but thought was the least adventurous person in the history of the world, actually retired early and informed us that he would be spending the next 6 months on a tall ship – 3 months in the Great Lakes for the Tall Ship Races and then up the St. Lawrence to Halifax and then down to Ushuaia, Arg. Still trying to figure out what my great adventure will be but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to following yours. Safe travels!

  2. Disappointed that you are stopping at Cape Breton and not making the trip to Newfoundland and Labrador. At some point you must come and shoot the far east of the western world.

  3. There are lots of interesting places in the world to photograph. Why you’d bother with a place like the arrogant USA is beyond me. All those silly rules.

    On the other hand, had you done your homework rather than assuming, you’d perhaps not have had a problem.

  4. Don’t you see what’s happening? The accident, now this? They’re restrictions, limitations. Art thrives in an atmosphere of restrictions. Your life has too much freedom, so the fates step in and impose limitations. Nature and art abhor a vacuum.

  5. Love the photo, David.

    If you ever find your way to the Annapolis Valley, I’d be happy to treat you to a coffee.

  6. Really beautiful image. Many apologies for the insanity of the US govt. We’d be lucky to have you!

  7. I’m relieved that my government is keeping me safe from roaming Canadian photographers. I hope your revised plan works out and you can see all the places you want to see. If Temecula is on your list, let me know and I’ll be your guide to the photo hotspots here.

  8. I am fairly new to your post and I must say that you have caught my imagination. When I was in high school I read Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley” and yearned to get my own Rocinante and travel all over the States. Your adventure is rekindling that yearning in me. I hope you get things straightened out so you can continue your adventures south, though I’m enjoying the Canadian side since I’m not familiar with it.

  9. We are planning to become full time RVers, spending the winters in the southern US. We are fortunate to have a business and an address to come home to. We have been advised that most Canadian RVers who head south have a “border binder” filled with proof of residence, financial solvency, citizenship, etc. which they have available and show if asked.

  10. David deChemin, your in my province. I live in Halifax well Dartmouth. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photo’s of our beautiful little province. oh and thank you for the book VisionMongers. I couldn’t tell you how many times I read through it.


  11. So they’ll only let you in once stumping up 1000s for rent? That’s nice!

    Can you not just give the address of your storage company or ‘move in with’ your folks or Corwin to dodge the red tape? Just seems a ridiculous amount of work to get in!

  12. First of all…fantastic shot David.
    Second of all I just had the o port unity to read your last post as well…so here it goes…OMG and WTF. Why do Americans think that us Canadians want to jump ship? Well you know what they say…when your give lemons make lemonaid ( at least I think that’s what they say…lol) enjoy Nova Scotia and I can hardly wait to see your images. Safe Journey!

  13. Adventure you say! Sounds like you need one of those rapid passes you can apply for.

    Wrong time of the year for the highlands. You should ship your car back home by truck or trains and fly to Mexico Mexico until things warm up }

  14. Lobster sounds good, just sorry you can’t enjoy it in the states as you had planned. Since you’ll be on the West Coast soon, hope you’ll make it down to San Diego. Best lobster tacos found right here in Ocean Beach!

  15. Yay! Come on over to the West! Would love to visit anytime – let my kids entertain you and I will cook and Dave will talk!

    Still haven’t found the right frames yet! [procrastinate/perfectionistic problem]

  16. >> Even if you had by any chance moved to US
    >> , would that be such a diseaster for that
    >> country?

    Two words:

    Thermo-nuclear Explosion.

    Ok.. three words.


  17. I was just thinking… Even if you had by any chance moved to US, would that be such a diseaster for that country?

    Interesting rock:)

  18. David, I hear Cape Breton had a huge 30+ cm snowfall yesterday. I grew up there and I can remember winters as a child when we would get those big east coast snows, it was always so beautiful afterwards! I am extremely jealous of you, I have wanted to go back and photograph my home for years, but have yet to have a chance. If you ever go back again, I would recommend the Cabot Trail in the fall. Absolutely stunning! Safe travels! JL

  19. Nice shot! A couple of friends and I were setup across the cove from the lighthouse this morning. A bit chilly on top of the rocks.

    If you’re looking for a different vantage point, drive down to the main highway from the lighthouse, turn left and drive about 1.5 km. you’ll see an area on the left where you can pull over. There’s a path through the woods which leads to a small cove and you can walk around it to get up on the rocks.

    Enjoy Nova Scotia!

  20. regardless of your haste.. you are most welcome, any time of day to rest weary travel bones here in Winnipeg… it will always be warm and great grits…

  21. I can tell one thing… once you are denied entry and deported from US, you are in the system… for years to come. No matter which way you will try to enter US in the future like by plane, train or a car from anywhere in Canada your name is flagged.

    I would settle down for a while in one place, and speak to someone at your local US Consulate to make sure you are cleared for entry again. Consulates can issue waivers etc. Also I would consider getting advice from US Immigration lawyer before next attempt at the boarder crossing. Otherwise just showing up at the boarder may make things even worst.

  22. “… before we head north towards Cape Breton tomorrow morning.” I wish I could say that! But hey!, we are actually going there in July so I just have to be a little patient! (not my speciality, mind you…)

    Ain’t it funny how people at the American border always think we Canadians want to stay there forever? I never had that sort of problems with the UK border, where I actually DO intend to stay forever! 😉 (with my British husband)

    Good luck with the traveling and the politics! I am looking forward for more pictures!

  23. Been following you on Twitter and it would have been great if I had of bumped into you there yesterday (had an engagement shoot at Peggy’s Cove yesterday morning).

  24. Beautiful shot!
    I’m just discovering you David =) I’ve found my passion in photography and have been taking some classes to hopefully follow into a career. In class we’ve been asked to research and find our favorite photographer … i think I found him. =) Travel safe!

  25. As someone born and raised in Nova Scotia, I’m sure you’ll love your time there. Be sure to check out the Bay of Fundy, home of the world largest tides, where docked fishing boats go from resting in 50 ft of water to sitting on the ocean floor in one cycle. 🙂

  26. Always have a plan ‘B’ Dave, always have a plan ‘B’.

    – quote from “Rare Birds” –

    If you have not seen the movie, you really need to while you are in that neck of the woods.

  27. Good for you!! I am looking forward to you coming back through SF again – and hopefully you will have time for a meet-up or something 🙂

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