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English Bay, 2012.

Back in Vancouver now, and living at the Sylvia Hotel on English Bay while waiting to move into a great little live/work loft in Yaletown on March 15th. After long detours home on snow-choked BC roads, Vancouver welcomed me back with open arms on March 5th – cherry blossoms beginning to bloom, sunshine (short-lived, but welcoming), and enthusiastic welcomes from staff at old haunts and coffee shops. After a few days of frantic running around, the Jeep is licensed for B.C, and so am I. I have lease papers and utilities and within a month will have – I hope – all the legit paperwork to show to the folks at the border. Until then I’m cooling my heals and arranging endless furniture delivery. My exodus last year was planned to give me a clean slate on my eventual return, so I’ve not even got so much as a bed until the Swedish Mafia (IKEA) drops it off on moving day.

Anyways, it’s been slow around these here parts but as soon as I move in, I’ll give you a tour of the new Pixelated Image Galactic HQ, and then I’m off to Vancouver Island for a week or so to explore and photograph and hang out and scheme with Corwin, my manager and best friend.

In the mean time, we are launching my next eBook, Forget Mugshot, 10 Steps to Better Portraits, on March 13th. I know I tell you I am excited about every book we release, and that’s mostly because I’m easily excitable and tend to only do things I am excited about, but this time I’m extra excited. I think it’s a really solid book. It’s 35 pages of “if I could tell you only 10 things to make your people photography stronger, what would those ten things be?” There are Portrait Profiles and Creative Exercises in there too. Remember when I said we were moving from pounding out our vision and beginning to talk about how we express that vision/intent? This is part of that logical, and needed, shift. Tune in on the 13th for the usual discounts.



  1. Welcome home!

    It has been too long since my last visit to Vancouver. I have been there in 1997 as a witness to my cousins marriage, and in 1999 to visit him again.

  2. just saw some amazing Photos from a mate who make a 4-week trip last year through west Canada and Vancouver island and show them at our photo-club last week. It’s an very cool place to live and truly full of inspiration-sources.
    can’t wait for the new book! best regards

  3. I wish you would come down to Panama in Central America and explore our tropical rainforests and wildlife. I’m sure you will be amazed at how different it is from North America.

    Besides I would have the honor of meeting you. Think about it David.



  4. I hope the Sylvia still has those narrow bathtubs and the separate hot and cold taps in the bathroom sink. I’d love to see a picture of that sink. I stayed there in 1997. Nice to hear of the unfolding plans.

  5. Well you spent time on the island of my birth and now you are going to visit my current home of Vancouver Island. Glad to see you made it home.

  6. I like the (un)intended pun …cooling my heals….
    I assume that means you are feeling much better now, your heels I mean, and you are better able to walk around and cool out.
    Will continue to follow your adventures.

  7. beautiful images david especially the top one and really looking forward to you portrait book – the obvious one missing in the craft and vision library

  8. Welcome home! Hope you enjoy being back on the West Coast. Look forward to photos from the Island as I haven’t been there in a few years now.

  9. Haha. I’ll be at the Sylvia Monday morning to do an interview.
    Glad to hear you’re safely back in town and good luck with the allen keys on Thursday.

  10. Welcome back to the great Wet Coast. Did you get any shots of the Prairies on your way through? I’m hoping to visit Saskatchewan this summmer and shoot, shoot all those many never-ending vistas.

  11. And you didn’t even have to cross international borders to get there 😉 Glad you made the trip safely. Look forward to seeing your new space.

  12. I’m really looking forward to this eBook. After years of photographing strictly nature/landscapes, I’m getting back into portraiture. I’m always excited when I take a fork in the road.

  13. I especially like the first image. Even though it may be a rather everyday view, you captured it beautifully.

    I’m excited for your new book, too!! Perfect timing for me as I begin a portrait business. Can’t wait to see the new digs, too.

    Hope you’ll make it to Colorado when you get to the lower 50.

  14. Can’t wait to see the Pixelated Image Galactic HQ and am looking forward to the new e-book. New Mexico waits your arrival sometime later this year.


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