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Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, 2012

Two desktop wallpapers for you this month. My indecision is your gain. Click either image above to get the full-resolution file – both of them are 2560 x 1600. Seriously, this might just be my new favourite place. Amazing accomodations, real fireplaces, great food, and really reasonable rates with breakfast included. This morning I had poached eggs on elk and bison hash. Killer.


  1. Found you through the Depth of Field podcast.
    My family and I passed through the Emerald Lake area in July last year and loved it. I am really enjoying your blog and the ideas presented. Our goal is to be location independent, so your ideas and attitude of going for what make you happy have been very inspirational.
    Glad to see you are back up and around after the fall last year.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Basp – Thanks for the link. The group we’ll be travelling with, with whom I traveled last year, does extensive bio-security briefings and is fastidious about these issues – going so far as vaccuming clothing and camera bags before permitting us off the boat. They are VERY concerned about impact, both in terms of invasive species and cross-contamination of colonies. Glad you felt free to point this out; thank you.

  3. That is my favorite lodge/hotel ever and I recognized it instantly. Many great memories from a hiking trip through Yoho, a honeymoon, and another stay before the Banff Film Festival. Great photographs and thank you.

  4. Its pouring buckets of rain here in southern NSW – but fortunately not snow – my choice is the B/W shot. Thanks for another glimpse into the world of places hitherto not seen before.

  5. thank you for these wall papers. they’re always one of the things i long for on the firsts days of the month.

  6. David, wallpapers need to work with being able to SEE desktop icons. The dark New Zealand one I have (and continue to use) totally works! So “dark” is the key.

  7. Nice photos… too bad you didn’t make a stop over in Swift Current I could of showed a few areas that might of been of interest. Even thought its flat bound Saskatchewan…

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