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A quick desktop wallpaper from last month’s trip to Sweden.

This is a 2560 x 1600 wallpaper and will fit anything up to a 27? iMac or LED cinema display. Click it to open the full resolution file in a new window. Enjoy!


  1. Author

    Not a bother at all, Mike. Just somehow didn’t get around to it. It’s up now. Enjoy!

  2. Not to be a bother… but is there going to be a June wallpaper? Both my wife and I always look forward to each month’s new pic! (our computers and iPad feel neglected not having a fancy new look).

  3. David, if you get to Santa Margherita Ligure, we had several great meals at Ristorante da Alfredo on Piazza Martiri Liberta 37. If porcini are in season, highly recommend. Wish I were going to Venice with ya. Have a great time and please don’t fall……………………..

  4. Added a calendar and loved! By the Way, am I the only person that miss the Calendar feature.

  5. I like this very much. This is also inspirational for me to go and shoot more in the fog. Things look so different then.

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  7. Author

    Graham – If you click the image above it will open much larger in a new window, then either two-finger click that image or Control+Click it and select the Set as Desktop Background option. Hope this helps!

  8. David, I love the soft light in this whole postcard series, but like the red buildings reflecting on the water fading into the fog the best. Have a safe rest of your trip.

  9. Thanks for your photos, David. I’m a bit slow with computer tech. With my Apple computer, can someone give me the rundown on how to use David’s photos as my wallpaper. Desktop? Screensaver? I’ve only looked at these photos for who knows how long. It would be nice to see them longer:))

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