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Rimowa Topas Series, Aluminum

German-made Rimowa suitcases are simply beautiful, particularly the aluminum Topas series, which has been in production since the 1950’s. Classic styling that is reminiscent of a more romantic age of travel, is perfectly matched by excellent craftsmanship and lightweight materials. I have two of these, one a larger suitcase and one, above, a cabin roller. They aren’t cheap, but they’re beautiful. It’s hard not to feel like Indiana Jones when you pull these out of the cab and walk into the airport.

There’s still a place for my North Face Expedition Duffles, but I’ve got less and less desire to haul all that weight around when I could just pull it on wheels and pretend I’m heading across the tarmac to board an old-school Pan Am flight. If you like the feel of a Leica or appreciate the design and feel of a beautiful watch, these are for you. If you always suspected you were one of James Bond’s bastard love-children, then these are definitely for you.

More information is available on the Rimowa website HERE.


  1. One of my childhood memories is a H-U-G-E Rimowa suitcase from the 60s that has been dragged around the globe by my dad. It is still being used. 50 years on.
    I love this post 😉

  2. Author

    Matt – The one in the photo is new, but my other one has traveled as checked luggage for a couple years. They get beat up, but the aluminum is easy to punch back out if it gets too dented. I think they look cool with dents and dings. I know others with the resin versions and they seem to like them a lot, too, though I don’t care for the aesthetics.

  3. David. Great image showcasing this cool piece of luggage. I have to wonder if it really can take a beating on the airlines. I have seen bad reviews.

  4. Wow, that case looks pristine. L has one & it looks totally smashed. You need to throw yours at a bear, or something.

  5. They ARE nice and yours looked great all beat up. Though I never went for the hard cases (they are standard here in Japan…almost no one has the soft cases while in the US it’s the total opposite) since it always feels like I can pack less than I can in my soft case. …but yours did look sexy. I’ll have to take a look. Maybe I can try it for a week trip to Japan…

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