Mongolia Films – First Peek

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A few quick uploads of some of my images from Mongolia. I picked these up at the lab this morning.

I shot these one morning on the Gobi well before breakfast in some of the most delicious morning light I’ve seen in ages. I wrestled with my Hasselbad and a roll of Fujichrome 100, though I’m not offhand sure exactly which chrome it was, for about 30 minutes and headed back to pack and get going for the day. But off all the mornings on the Gobi, this might be the most magical for me. I’m still so in love with the look and feel of film, each time I look at a new roll it takes my breath away… I’ll post a few more of these over the coming weeks.


  1. Seriously, sometimes I’m just blown away by how hard it is to nail the “film look” with anything but… film. I think it’s great that photographers (yourself included) are getting past film vs. digital and using both depending on the situation and the stories they want to tell.

  2. Love those! I have thought about using film but for now I am sticking to digital…. for now… lol

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  4. Thanks Craig. Was just looking at the images made on the Fuji Acros – you were right, it’s gorgeous film. Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Hey David,

    Ca-thunk!! Bullseye!! The second, third and fourth images have a subtle muted color and dynamic range that is just fantastic. The low angle POV is great, adding a ton of interest to the images. The prints here will be absolutely stunning!!!


  6. Number 3 for me. The turn of the horses heads & bodies in toward the two guys leads the eye and just makes it. Nice one David.

  7. The 4th is my favorite as well, photos from the ground looking forward.

    Seeing someone I admire falling back to film is fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing your photos.

  8. Could you even get this kind of shot on digital? Seems to me the the contrast of the bright sky and foreground would be too much for the limited dynamic range. I feel like the sky would either be blown or the foreground would be much darker?

  9. Wow the light truly is stunning. The second and third are my favorites. I think that the balance between the empty bright space and the human element in the bottom of the frame is very pleasing.

  10. Thanks for sharing, you have persuaded me to get my RB67 into action. Your posts and ebooks really do inspire so thank you for all you do.

  11. Beautiful images! However, I’m never quite sure what to make of the odd juxtaposition of branded Western clothing worn by tribal peoples in remote places. On the one hand, it’s paternalistic and condescending of me to expect them to wear traditional tribal dress as if they were exhibits in a human zoo, frozen in time for our own aesthetic pursuits, but on the other hand, the prevalence of Nike castoffs distributed through missionary efforts is a little disconcerting to me….

  12. The fourth is my favorite. On first look, it looks like the horse in the foreground is levitating. Love the monochrome quality of the pics.

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