Postcard from Antarctica: Ronge Island

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Ronge´Island, Antarctica. Unedited, so mind the dust.

A quick hello from Antarctica and beautiful Ronge´ Island. We camped out last night, giving us time to get tripods up around midnight to photograph the pastel colours of the prolonged dusk. It never got dark, in fact it never got so blue as twilight, which made our few hours of sleep kind of tough, in addition to being cold and hard. But it’s not every year you get to camp in both the arctic and antarctic, so it was hard to say no. The Antarctica Within The Frame group are troopers, all of them, and we  fell asleep around 1am in our sleeping bags and bivouac sacks, under a beautiful Antarctic sky.

The photographs below are from Peterman Island two days ago. At least I think it was two days ago. Time moves in strange ways here. The photos come courtesy of my friend and traveling partner, Daniel Brown. Serious behind-the-scenes stuff. Don’t bother asking about the second one; there’s no really good explanation. I was feeling punchy, and very, very fond of my camera, apparently.



  1. Brilliant work on your blog and great tips that you share. But I want to be able to read your blog like a book. When I click on a certain post I don’t see an option to go to previous or next blog. For that I have to go back to home page and then choose my next blog or am i missing something?…thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. Nope, not gonna’ ask about the last one……

    Love the soft purple-violet cast of the Ronge´Island image, so mysterious and cold.

    On another note, just got notification from Amazon that they expect to ship your new treatise between 12/13 – 12/18.

  3. Regarding the temperatures – don’t forget that this is summer in Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula is also being called “the banana belt of Antarctica”. This time of year the temperatures are slightly above freezing most of the time in this area. So no worries, David won’t stick to the tripod.

    Save travels and a safe crossing of the Drake. A smooth first crossing needs to payed on the way home!

  4. When I hear Antarctica I think of the coldest cold my mind can imagine… this is looking kind of tropical… I am thinking Winnipeg is colder than what I am seeing here…

  5. Incredibly beautiful opening image. Wondering how your feet are doing now after the fall and all that surgery? I hope you healed up nicely but know those injuries can stay with you for a while. Take care and looking forward to more postcards! -Debbi

  6. David,
    You would think that some one who lives in the north would know better than to stick his tongue to metal in the winter…hilarious image! Thanks, Bob

  7. Hi David

    For some reason Dumb & Dumber comes to mind – ” mmm frost”!

    The only way around your dilema with the filter holder is to get the adaptor that allows two Lee filter holders to be stacked and rotated in different directions. This way one could be used to hold the ND grad filter and the other built in the lens hood allows alignment of the hood horizintally or vertically. The only problem is the stacking of more things in front of the lens and vignetting that may ocur at the wider focal lengths. Would need a test to see how it goes with your lenses, but may be worth a try instead of feeling that you have been wasting your money!

  8. Hi David, I seem to remember you writing about Acratech in the past. I’m thinking about picking up a new ballhead and I’m trying to decide between RRS (BH-40) & Acratech (GP-S). Do you have a preference for one company over the other?

  9. Thank you for bringing these images to us. I love the subtle blend of colour in the first image. What is the dark area in the bottom left third of the frame? Can’t wait for your pending book!

  10. You’d think, as a photographer himself, David would have the courtesy to not wear a hot red, draw-the-eye under garment!

    Maybe the retired comedian within is attempting some sort of comeback tour?

  11. David, what is that contraption on the front of your camera? Some filter-holding something-or-other I suspect, but I’m intrigued about specifics. Thanks again for letting us share in your journey.

    1. Author

      Carson, it’s a Lee wide angle hood with integrated filter holder and a ring for a 105mm polarizer which is the large piece of glass in front. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, really, and kind of expensive. If you shoot a lot of horizontals it’s great, otherwise you need to pull your ND grads before rotating it for vertical use. It looked good at the time, but that’s the peril of buying online. Had I known that you couldn’t shoot with it vertically and still use the ND grads, I’d have saved my money: it’s kind of expensive.

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