Postcard from Antarctica: Pleneau Island

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Another day in Antarctic waters. Yesterday it was Pleneau Island and Peterman Island. This morning we woke to more sunshine and dramatic mountains rising, seemingly, straight out of ice-strewn water, black, clear and deep. Weather’s been a treat – warm and sunny – and a change from the mood and drama of last year. Secretly I’m hoping for a return to that kind of weather. But you take what you can get. Right now it’s all polarizers all the time, though the dynamic range, with all this reflected light, doesn’t require much in the way of graduated ND filters, which keeps fumbling with gear down to a minimum. OK, gotta run, I’ve got more layers to put on than I have time to do it in and I’ve got a zodiac with my name on it.


  1. I’ve been a fan of your photos for a while now but I think I might have a new favourite. It’s simply stunning.How did you get the seal and the penguin to pose for you?

    1. I think David is fluent in Penguino. It’s one of his many talents. ;o)

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  3. Wonderful capture, just beautiful!

    Who is that brave soul standing so close to that cold, cold water? Makes me a little queasy to think about his footing giving out!

  4. What is amazing beyond your remarkable composition and lighting is that you appear to have darkened the sky with a polarizing filter, even though the sun in in the frame. I have never been able to do that, and didn’t know it could be done. I would know how to do that in B&W, but how did you do it in color?

    1. Author

      Thanks Mel, but truthfully the dark sky is mostly due to where I am. The skies are just darker and bluer here – like they are at altitude. I did darken it slightly in Lightroom, but not much. The skies here are just that kind of amazing.

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