Whisky Shots

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A personal project. A glass of whisky. With ice. Natural light. Minimal post-processing. Shoot what you love. Be willing to play and see things anew. There are constellations and worlds in the tiniest places if we’re willing to see them. Also helps if you don’t drink too much of the subject.


  1. Great idea! Great project! There’s no end to the journey. 🙂

  2. Yet another reminder that there is always something to photography right in front of you and you can make it as beautiful as you want it to be!

  3. These are lovely, the color, the light, the lines. Pure play. I easily forget how important that is but often get some of my best work that way.

  4. Hi David, great project and very inspiring photos!
    This fall i travel to islay for a week and visit six of the great distilleries of this little island. Mostly for tasting but i’m the photographer of our litlle crowd and will make some kind of a “taste, art, slow down life and craftmanship today” project out of this days. Maybe i should bring some bottles of Bruichladdich specialities with me in the case you stand before my door some day and want a drink 😉

    best regards

  5. Lovely abstract images….. rich tones and colors. I like the square format as well, suits the subject well.

    Eh…. how much of the subject did you have?? 😉

  6. sometimes it actually helps me to drink a little too much of the subject. 😉

    and btw – just finished a beautiful anarchy…thank you for the inspiration and tools to empower my life and creativity.

    1. This time a Canadian Rye called Dark Horse. Nice summer drink on ice. My usual is anything peaty and interesting from Islay.

  7. I have a dozen shots of vodka/lightly cranberried….just love, love, love the color. Yes, I agree, catching the light playing on the ice, the condensation on the glass…..just whiles away the time. 🙂

  8. The ice cubes are making great effects, have you tried making ice cubes out of distilled water to get a clearer cube?

  9. Very cool. Who got to drink all of the whiskey when you were finished? 🙂

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