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I’m sending these postcards with a heavy heart from Lucca, a night after the new attacks on Paris, hoping someone out there needs a reminder that there is still good in the world, that beauty remains as imperfect but undiminished as always. That our ways of expressing grief and compassion and empathy for others may, like beauty, not be perfect, but are human. I’m hoping that after your souls and minds have been sullied by the vitriol on social media, you’ll stumble across these images, or hear the sound of your child laughing, and remember the good things. I’m hoping you’ll remember to drink red wine, to dance, to love deeply, and make love with abandon, and that when you get short of breath and the walls of fear feel like they’re closing in on you, you’ll remember that we – despite it all – still live in the safest times this race has ever experienced. Our lives are longer, and better – even in the poorest, darkest back corners. Fewer children die from preventable causes. Fewer young men die in wars. And that means more children grow to follow their dreams, more girls will marry their sweethearts and not see them go to war.

There has always been pain, and suffering. There has always been evil and darkness. It hurts no less. But the light can be impossibly bright and blindingly beautiful when we turn towards it. I hope we’ll collectively turn to the light, to love, and away from the shadows where vengeance takes root and we start looking among the innocent for someone to blame. We are better, and bigger, than that.

I wish you all light and love and beauty, and peace. My thoughts, and the thoughts of my team at Craft & Vision, are with Paris and all those who’ve suffered violence recently, whether the news has reported them or not. I beg you to be careful of the natural tendency to divide the world into Us vs. Them, and to be aware when the red mist fogs your eyes and the anger rises, and to find a place for those feelings that doesn’t spread the hurt. Peace and courage, friends.


  1. I just read this and was enthralled with your splendid juxtaposition within the images (i.e. light and shadow); an extreme of either limits our ability to truly see.

  2. I wished I had checked in here sooner. I should have know your post would have responded right away, with huge heart, beauty, and peacefulness. Thank you, David!

  3. Thank you David. I feel if we, as individuals, were all at peace with ourselves, this would never happen. It is those that are lost in darkness, ego and selfishness that create these horrific moments throughout our history. But I feel especially blessed to be a photographer, as we see light – in all forms, And we can share it with the world. We keep the light burning in our vision, our hearts and our minds. We choose everyday to create beauty and hopefully open someones heart. That is worth more than anything.

  4. As is so often the case you say what is in my heart and mind with such beautiful eloquence. How you do that I may never know, but thank you.

  5. I opened up this e-mail from you after my mind had indeed been sullied by social media and the news with Paris and Beirut, and Paris vs. Beirut, and I thank you for the reminder to turn towards the light. Your wonderful photos certainly helped.

  6. Thank you for the photos David. For those who have suffered and who are suffering, I can only hope that time can heal their wounds. For those who are full of hatred and feel the need to inflict suffering on humanity I can only hope that they see the meaningless of hurting others.

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  8. Thank you David for your inspiring and wise words. Your images are beautiful and like photography if we keep looking for the light we will find it.

  9. Well said, David. I have been feeling the same thing these days. Every time I open a browser there is suffering, I needed a reminded that there is good still left. Thank you.

  10. Oh, David.! I wish your words, so like our own thoughts right now, reached an even wider audience than they already do. Well said!

  11. Wise words, David.

    I have found that the key to a peaceful life is to avoid the news. I especially did that this weekend when I woke up to social media on Saturday. Spent the whole day listening to music and in particular I watched U2’s ZooTV DVD from 1993. Funny, while watching that I came to the realisation that the news today is the same as it was back then (as it was throughout the 20th century). All that’s changed is the stage and the speed at which it travels. Says a lot about humanity, doesn’t it?

  12. Thank you for your beautiful, calming perspective. Your words (and photos) are always so comforting and uplifting.

  13. Well said David. There is so much to be joyful about every day if we choose to look. I refuse to choose fear and anger. A little sad for the misguided souls who choose paths of violence . The repetitive word is deliberate. Our beliefs and actions are a choice we each make . May they be for good. ..

  14. Wonderful words, wise and beautifully written. And such a vital reminder not to lose sight of the light and beauty in this world.

  15. What a beautiful delivery of your heart. Keep showing your light in words and photos….we’re listening.

  16. You have expressed a thoughtful view of current events. Light is indeed beautiful. Our light is to have our Thanksgiving next week which for us is a time to celebrate family and life.

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