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Ciao from Venice! I shared this last week with 3 new friends in Venice, all here to do the first in what is, for me, a new kind of workshop. With just three students, all here to see Venice, of course, but also to work on a very specific body of work, it was a very intimate workshop. The week was full of discovery, great meals, much laughter, and – so rewarding – the chance to see new work from these three photographers that, at least to my eye, represents a huge leap forward in the way they approached their photography and their creativity. What an honour and a thrill to participate in that with them.

Images from this past week in Venice, with a couple from Paris thrown in. The featured image at the top of this post is an in-camera multiple exposure created with my Fuji X-T1.

I believe two of the most significant keys to creativity are curiosity and constraints. During this workshop one of the most extraordinary things was watching how all 3 of the photographers I was working with dove headlong into their self-chosen constraints with such courage (a third key to creativity, and perhaps the most difficult). They chose to do work so well out of their comfort zone, and so far from their usual modus operandi. I hope you’ll have the privilege of seeing their work and hearing their stories at some point. More than that I hope you’ll have the privilege of being a part of this process at some point. My own constraints mostly involved shadows and reflections, and what a fun week I’ve had playing with new ideas, shapes and colours.

I’ve now got a week to keep following my curiosity around the corners of this city, and cherishing the romance and the new memories I’m creating here with the girl I love. After this it’s off to Tuscany for 8 nights, then on to Rome for the first time. I’ll check in as I can.

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  2. I’ve just been thinking about negative space, David, and here you post images that use negative space masterfully. Thanks for your gorgeous photographs and generous sharing. And, as Kelly said, consumate use of alliteration!

  3. I just shot my first double exposure with my new Fuji XT-1 this afternoon (snowcapped mountains with bare aspen superimposed). Great to see what artist can do with this technology. Thanks, Janet

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  5. These are wonderful images! I am curious about your comment of shooting multiple exposures in the camera. I have never used my cameras in this way. Also, I love how you got the alliteration in the creativity necessities list: curiosity, constraints, and courage. Bravo!

  6. You are an inspiration David, I just loved what you did with these, they just capture atmosphere so well.
    Enjoy your moment of love and life, it shows!

  7. What a beautiful images! I love how you did that with the shadows and reflection on the water. Especially photo nine, the contrast of yellow and blue is really nice. Venice is also a wonderful place for making art like this.

  8. It is good to see your “organic” workshop evolving David.. I could be tempted to return to Venice myself!

  9. Wow! What great artistic images! The top one is truly killer, but they all have a wonderful painterly feel to them.
    Congratulations on some really inspiring work.

    To me, that’s always been the problem that insist that one cultivate a “style,” per se. We all have tendencies, yes,
    but I find it hard not to capture anything that calls to my imagination and will often process one image in a new
    and different way because it seems to call for it. You have certainly chosen the perfect way to express these images,
    they really capture a mood that draws you in.

    Thanks for sharing.

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